Lucy-sur-Cure-Besy – Bourgogne-Franche-Comte

Attractions in Lucy-sur-Cure-Bessy

Located in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comte region of France, Lucy-sur-Cure is a small town in the department of Yonne. The town’s residents call themselves Lucyats. Its population is 208, which has grown by nearly 21 percent since 1999. The closest city to Lucy-sur-Cure is Avallon, which is about 20 km away.

Lucy-sur-Cure is also home to the Lucy-sur-Cure school, which was originally built in 1825 and closed in 1933. Its modern counterpart is called IGN gir, and was developed with the help of the local government and community.

The village’s ecole mixte is housed in the presbytere, which was acquired in 1826. In addition, the town has conducted sewage scrubbing and water distribution work. In 1973, the town administratively absorbed the village of Essert, and in 1982, it merged with Bessy-sur-Cure. This amalgamation resulted in a re-augmentation of the population, and the town is now known as Lucy-sur-Cure-Bes Yvelines.

Train station in Lucy-sur-Cure-Bessy

The train station in Lucy-sur-Cure-Bessey is located in the Department de l’Yonne, in the region of Bourgogne, France. It is situated on an elevation of 127 meters. Its train services are available from Paris and Brussels.

If you’re planning a vacation in France, you can easily reach Lucy-sur-Cure-Bes-Bessy by train. This station is located 5 km east of Lucy-sur-Cure. It can be reached by train or bus.

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