Louhans, France – A Foodie Haven


If you’re looking for a place to eat great French food, consider visiting Louhans. It’s an ancient walled city and home to the famous Circuit de Bresse complex. This foodie haven is famous for its PDO Bresse chicken. And you can’t go wrong with an evening at one of its restaurants.

Louhans is an ancient walled city

The ancient walled city of Louhans is located in Burgundy, France. It is renowned for its poultry market and the longest arcaded street in France – the Grande-Rue. The historic center of Louhans has many buildings that date back to the 16th century. Many of these buildings include the Saint-Pierre church, which features beautiful glazed tiles. Another historic building is the Hotel Dieu, which has many beautiful Moorish vases.

It is home to the Circuit de Bresse complex

The Circuit de Bresse complex is a multi-activity complex with a focus on Motorsports and Safety. It is unique in France for its multi-activity program, which includes several activities. The circuit includes a karting track, an Auto/motorbike speed track, and a Safety area.

It is home to the PDO Bresse chicken

The PDO Bresse chicken is a special kind of chicken with distinctive signs of its origin. Each bird features a ring on its left leg indicating the first name of the producer, as well as a tricolor seal on its neck. The bird is wrapped in a linen cloth and is often served at Christmas tables. The linen cloth helps to penetrate the fat of the animal, making it a fine choice for festive dinners.

It is a favourite destination for fans of great food

If you’re a lover of great food and the outdoors, Louhans is a must-see destination. It’s a popular destination for gourmets and nature lovers alike, thanks to authentic markets, delicious produce and poultry, and surprising heritage sites. And if you’re not a fan of eating, you can still find plenty of outdoor activities.

It is ranked among the “100 Sites remarkable French Taste” by the National Council of Culinary Arts

Louhans is a city in Burgundy, France. It is renowned for its poultry market. It also has the longest arcaded street in France, the Grande-Rue. It is dotted with 157 arches. The historic center features the Saint-Pierre church, which is decorated with glazed tiles. Other attractions include the Bailli house, built in the 16th century, and the Hotel Dieu hospital, which is decorated with old Moorish vases.

It is a favourite destination for book lovers

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