Lisbon Gare Do Oriente

Designed by Santiago Calatrava, this modernist hub of transport in Lisbon’s eastern zone is more than just a railway station. It handles 75 million passengers a year, which is even more than New York City’s Grand Central Station.

The station’s gallery resembles a forest canopy and maximises daylight for passengers. The whole structure is elegant and light, making it a real head-turner.


Gare do Oriente is one of Lisbon’s most impressive train stations and a modern architectural wonder. It is also a major metro station on the red line and home to many bus lines, making it easy to get to and from the city center from here. The station is well-designed and organized, with plenty of room for passengers and facilities, so it’s never really crowded or congested here.

The station was designed by the esteemed Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, who is renowned for his ability to visualize complex structures and make them seem streamlined and effortless. The Oriente design is no exception; the structure’s slender columns stretch from the base to the roof, creating an effect that some compare to a metallic cluster of trees or a geometric crystalline forest. Its dazzling design has won the station international recognition and even won Calatrava a Brunel award for railway station architecture.

Oriente was built as a transport hub to support the Expo 98 trade fair, which is why it has so much open space. The organizers invited designers to submit proposals for a multi-tier station that could serve as the main passenger terminus during the event. Eventually, the project was awarded to Calatrava in 1994 and construction began in 1995. The station was completed and opened in May 1998, just two months before the start of Expo 98.

As an intermodal transit hub, Oriente serves as the gateway to all that Lisbon has to offer. From here, travelers can catch express trains to Porto, Algarve, and Evora, as well as suburban commuter services to places like Sete Rios or Sintra. The station is also home to a major bus terminal that’s the departure point for private bus companies. The only thing missing from the station is the city’s commuter trains to Cascais and Estoril; those depart from Cais do Sodre instead. The station’s location in the busy Parque das Nacoes district makes it an ideal jumping off point to explore the best of Lisbon. The hub is so central that you can easily travel to any of the city’s top attractions from here in under 30 minutes.

Train Routes

The Oriente Station is the main train station of Lisbon and one of the busiest in Portugal. Travelers can take various trains from here to reach other cities around the country. The Oriente Station is connected with the red line of the Lisbon Metro. The fastest and most convenient way to reach the Oriente train station is by the metro. However, please note that the red line does not extend all the way to Lisbon Airport so you will have to make a change of metro lines.

The main train operator in Portugal is Comboios Portugal (CP). The company offers a variety of train services, including the Intercidades, which offer medium distance trips; the Alfa Pendular, which operates high-speed train routes; and the Regional, a service offering local trips. It is best to check the CP train schedule online before arriving at the station. Also, it is worth noting that train tickets tend to be cheaper when booked 12 weeks in advance.

Oriente Station is located in the Parque das Nacoes district of eastern Lisbon and was designed by Santiago Calatrava, who built the station to celebrate the city’s 1998 World Fair. The modernist structure is a sight to behold, especially when lit up at night.

While the majority of the trains that depart from Oriente go to the central Santa Apolonia Station, there are some services that head to the popular day-trip destination of Sintra. You can also board a train to the historic city of Evora, though this service is fairly infrequent. The station also serves as a stop for the coastal train, which takes passengers to popular beach towns, such as Estoril and Cascais.

Oriente Station is well-connected to Lisbon’s other railway stations via the Metro and bus. For instance, you can take the metro to Humberto Delgado or Portela Airport from Oriente in just five minutes. Alternatively, you can take a bus to the center of the city from the station. See our full guide on how to get to Oriente station. The Oriente metro station is also the terminus for the popular Line 4 of the Cascais Metro, which runs from the airport to the popular resort town of Cascais.


The Oriente Train Station is a major intermodal transport hub in Lisbon, serving several metro and bus lines with trains bound for the north (Porto), south (Algarve), and east (Evora). Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava – who nearly two decades later would be responsible for the World Trade Center station in New York City – this impressive facility impresses with its unique modernist architectural style. It also features a car rental centre and currency exchange.

Although it may seem far outside the city center, Oriente is actually quite convenient to get to from the airport and downtown. A 10-minute metro or taxi ride gets you there, and this is the closest train station to Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado or Portela airport.

Oriente is situated next to the Tagus basin in the northern part of Lisbon and forms a large complex with a metro station underneath it, a bus terminal behind it, and plenty of large car parks inside and around the train station. It is also within easy reach of the airport and the main tourist sights of the city.

A number of private bus companies operate a range of coach services that depart from the Oriente train station, including a service to Madrid. This is in addition to the regular Lisbon buses operated by Carris, which serve the city and its suburbs.

It is best to book your tickets online before you arrive at the station, especially for popular routes, as they can often sell out during the peak season. Alternatively, you can purchase a Lisbon city card that includes convenient access to public transport plus admission tickets to some of the most exciting locations and sights like Jeronimos Monastery and Belem Tower.

The train station is highly accessible and features ramps to guarantee that people with disabilities can use it easily. It is also served by an elevator, making it a good choice for those who cannot use stairs. There are a number of restaurants and cafes located in the station and its surrounding area, including one that serves a breakfast buffet each morning.


Designed by Santiago Calatrava (who also created the new World Trade Center station in New York), this impressive piece of architecture is a must-see when visiting Lisbon. The Oriente complex serves as one of the city’s major railway links, and it’s estimated that the station handles more than 75 million passengers each year!

The building is an architectural marvel that combines features of classic gothic style with eye-catching modernism. In addition to trains, the Oriente complex is also home to several other services and facilities. You can find a variety of shops, cafes, restaurants, and a bank here. The train station also offers a CP Lounge for first-class passengers, which is free for those with Conforto or Gran Classe Preferente tickets.

Travelers who choose to rent a car in Lisbon will be happy to hear that the Oriente railway station has its own car park. This parking facility is located on the left of the train station’s entrance, and it is open from 6 am to 8 pm. The cost for an all-day pass is €9. If you are planning to visit the Oriente train station frequently, it may be best to reserve a space in advance online.

Aside from the in-house parking facility, the Oriente station is also home to numerous other services and amenities. There are waiting areas, bathrooms, ticket offices, and left luggage facilities. You can also find ATMs and a police station on the premises. For added convenience, there is a cafe, book market, and shopping center at the station.

If you would rather take public transportation, the Oriente station is served by the Metro Lisboa system and several bus lines. The Red Line of the metro runs directly to the station, although a change to the yellow or green line is usually necessary in order to reach the city center. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or Uber from the station to your destination.

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