Les Gemeaux


Located in Sceaux, Les Gemeaux is a national stage and jazz club with a varied programme based on three main disciplines: theatre, jazz, and opera. The long theatrical series and international openings have made the venue unique in the world of theatre. A new artistic director has recently taken over, opening up a new chapter in the theatre’s history, which promises new initiatives and aesthetics.

Prix Gemeaux

The Prix Gemeaux is a television and digital media award that recognizes the best in Canadian television. It has been sponsored by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television since 1987.

Les Gemeaux

A national theatre in Sceaux, Les Gemeaux offers an artistic and multidisciplinary programme with three halls and a jazz club. Its distinctive feature is its multidisciplinary programme based on three main disciplines: opera, dance and theatre. Its long theatrical series and its large opening on international stages have made it unique. A new director has started a new chapter of the theatre’s history, bringing new aesthetics and innovative initiatives to the stage.

Signes zodiacaux – Gemeaux

The Gemeaux is one of the zodiac signs ruled by the planet Mercure. This is an inquisitive, anxious, and nervous sign. Its energy can conflict with that of Taureau and its opposite sign, Cancer. They are socially orientated but are also very changeable. As a result, they tend to seek multiple relationships at once.

Gemini Awards

The Gemini Awards are an annual television awards show that honors Canadian television talent. The Geminis are Canada’s equivalent to the Emmys and BAFTA Television Awards in the United States. The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television has been awarding the Gemini Awards since 1986.

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