Leagrave Station, North of Luton

Located in the North of Luton, Leagrave Station is an important transport hub for commuters into London. Getting around the town is easy thanks to the many public buses that run here.

MP Sarah Owen used TikTok to call for the improvement of accessibility at Leagrave Station. The category B3 station currently has step free access to platform 1 and 4, but no lifts to platforms 2 or 3. This is a huge concern for many people who need it.

What to See & Do

Located to the north of Luton, Leagrave station serves commuters heading into the town centre or further north to London and beyond. The station usually opens before the first train and closes when the last service leaves. There are staffed ticket counters and ticket machines in the ticket hall, as well as easy-access toilets and a customer help point. You can pick up a paper and snacks from the small newsagent, which is situated opposite platform 4, or head to the island between platforms 1 and 2 for bench seating.

The station is also a popular stopping place for families looking to escape the hustle and bustle of central Luton. The area is served by a number of local schools and a variety of shops, restaurants and coffee bars.

If you are planning on catching a train from Leagrave Station, we recommend that you book your tickets online in advance to secure the cheapest prices. The cheapest fares tend to be available around 3 months before your journey date.

Leagrave Station is currently not step-free and does not have a lift or wheelchair access to all platforms. It is one of a number of stations in Luton which has not been awarded ‘Access for All’ funding under the current railway control period. As a result, the lack of accessibility at this busy station represents discrimination against people with disabilities and is in breach of both the Equality Act 2010 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1993.

Things to Do Nearby

The town of Leagrave is home to an abundance of attractions that are perfect for a day out with the family. The area is bursting with things to do, from nature parks and museums to historical sites and activities.

The station itself is a Category B3 facility and has step free access on platform 1 (via a separate entrance) but not on platform 2 or 3. The station hall has a ticket counter and plenty of easy-to-use ticket machines, while a bridge links all four platforms together. Grab a newspaper and snack from the small newsagent located opposite platform 4, or head to one of the bench seating areas that span across each platform.

Leagrave railway station was opened by the Midland Railway in 1868 as part of an extension to London St Pancras International. Originally, the village was part of Luton but in 1928 it became an independent urban district, along with Stopsley and Limbury. Today, the town is a major business and retail centre, with a wide variety of high-profile shops, restaurants and bars.

The neolithic D-shaped enclosure of Waulud’s Bank in nearby Leagrave Park is also worth a visit, as are the nearby Dunstable Downs, a chalk escarpment that forms part of the Chiltern Hills. To see these stunning natural wonders, book a train to Leagrave Station and spend the day exploring this lovely part of Bedfordshire.

Restaurants & Bars

There are 31 train journeys daily between Leagrave and Potters Bar, with the shortest journey taking 1hrs 26 mins. Thameslink and Great Northern are the main train operating companies for this route. Generally, first class tickets offer more space and complimentary food and drink than standard.

There is a large choice of restaurants and bars in the area, with several options available within walking distance of Leagrave Station. The most popular restaurant is Byron Burger, serving delicious burgers and fries. It is a great place to go with friends and family for a quick bite to eat.

There is also a wide selection of Italian restaurants in the area, with several located near Leagrave Station. If you’re looking for a delicious pizza, head over to La Bella Napoli. They serve a variety of pizzas and pasta dishes, as well as drinks and desserts. The atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming, making it the perfect place to unwind after a long day.

Things to Avoid

More than 2 million passengers travel to and from Leagrave Station every year. The station is located in the north of Luton and is used mostly by commuters going to and from London. It’s a fairly busy station and there’s a newsagents, toilets, a coffee shop and customer support available. The station also offers the PlusBus scheme which lets you buy train and bus tickets at one affordable price.

On a typical weekday, there are 41 scheduled rail journeys between Leagrave and Bedford, and most of them are direct trains. The fastest journey takes just 17 minutes. If you want to travel in luxury, book first class tickets which offer more space and complimentary food and drinks compared to standard class.

Unfortunately, Leagrave is not yet a step-free station. Despite its high passenger numbers it’s not been awarded any ‘Access for All’ funding to make the necessary improvements. This is because the bid matrix looks at things like how many people with disabilities use a given station, local factors and any other data points that can affect access improvements.

Hopefully, the station will be able to secure some funding in the future and become accessible for everyone. In the meantime, those who need help using the platform can use the help point on Platform 4 which is a few steps down from the ticket barriers.

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