Le Valdahon, France – Places to Visit Near Le Valdahon

Le Valdahon

Le Valdahon is a commune in the Doubs department of the French region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte. It is located just to the west of the city of Besancon. The town is a popular tourist destination for its natural areas and historical significance. There are many places to visit near Le Valdahon, including a castle, a park and the local market. You can also take the train to get to Le Valdahon.

Natural areas

A stay in Valdahon will offer you the chance to explore some of the beautiful natural areas surrounding the town. You can go on a walk through the woods of Epesses or along the pond Lieze. The town also has a fitness course and discovery trail to explore. You can also catch a show every second Thursday of the month.

Places to visit near Le Valdahon

There are many places to visit near Le Valdahon. This area is known for its wide open spaces. Nearby attractions include La Lieze pond and the wood of Epesses. There are also plenty of hiking trails in the area. If you like to be active, you can also take the Vita trail, which combines walking and sport. The nearby Vallee de la Loue and the Vallee du Lison also offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.

When planning a vacation to this area, you’ll need to consider the climate. The winters are cold and snowy, but summers are comfortable. The climate in this area is partly cloudy year-round, with temperatures ranging from 27degF to 73degF. The coldest month of the year is January, with average highs between 28degF and 36degF. The hottest month is July, with average daily temperatures of 66degF.

Historical significance

In this part of Quebec, you can see over 564 fruit trees, and while most are not edible, the ornamental varieties are an important addition to the city. They not only improve the quality of life for people but also provide a food source for local wildlife. You’ll also find countless flowering plants. Spring is the time for new growth, and most of these plants will bloom in the spring.

The oldest part of the house is from the XIII century, and the most recent transformation was carried out by the famous architect, Violet-Le-Duc, a close friend of the Marquis de Valdahon. This architect created a contemporary style while investing the property in 50 acres of parkland. The landscapes feature rocaille and rare tree essences.

Train travel from Besancon Viotte to Le Valdahon

A direct train service connects Besancon Viotte and Le Valdahon, France. The journey takes about 48 minutes and covers a distance of 20 miles. The route is served by SNCF trains every three hours. A train ticket costs between $5 and $17. There are also trains during weekends and holidays.

A train ticket from Besancon Viotte to Levaldahon costs around EUR5 and takes about 45 minutes. It is recommended that you book your train tickets in advance, as they are more expensive at the last minute. SNCF operates eleven trains daily. Depending on the day of travel, you can expect the price to go down.

Weather in Le Valdahon

The climate in Le Valdahon is fairly moderate with warm and comfortable summers and cold, snowy winters. It is usually partly cloudy and the temperatures rarely drop below 16degF or rise above 73degF. The best time to visit is in late June or early August when temperatures average 66degF and are ideal for outdoor activities.

The wetter part of the year lasts for around 7.9 months and has a greater than 37% chance of rainy days. December is the cloudiest month, with an average of 66% of the sky covered in clouds. The drier part of the year lasts for 4.1 months and has a much lower chance of rain.

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