Iteon Railway Station in Greece

Iteon Railway Station Greece


The Iteon railway station (Greek: , Siderodromikos Stathmos Iteon) is located in Patras, Peloponnese, Greece. It is served by Proastiakos Patras trains. The station is located on the Iteon Road and it is part of a complex of museums, theatres and cinemas.

Previously the Iteon railway station was the terminus of the metre-gauge Iteon Line, which connected Patras with Kyparissia. The line was closed during World War I and its reconstruction took place around 1920. In 1924 it was amalgamated with the Piraeus and Peloponnese Railway to form the State Railway Company of Athens – OSE. In 1970 OSE became the legal successor of SEK, taking on responsibilities for most of Greece’s rail infrastructure.

From here it is possible to take a train+ferry combo from Athens to Rome or Milan, with both the Blue Star Ferries and ANEK Lines offering services. However, due to the Greek debt crisis OSE’s passenger transport sector was privatised in 2017, and the company’s management decided to cut back timetables and routes.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Acropolis is within walking distance of the Iteon railway station, although you may wish to opt for a taxi ride from here to avoid getting too tired from the walk up the hill. The green OSE line from Piraeus will get you here in roughly 15 minutes. The Acropolis contains some of the most instantly recognizable buildings from ancient Greece such as the Parthenon. The train is also an excellent way to explore Athens if you’re staying in the city centre.

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