Information About Chantenay-Saint-Imbert


The commune of Chantenay-Saint-Imber is located in the Nièvre department in central France. This article provides you with important information about this commune, including its map and cost of living. You’ll also find information about transportation in Chantenay-Saint-Imbbert, including the closest train station.

Information about Chantenay-Saint-Imbert

The town of Chantenay-Saint-Imberg is situated in the Nièvre department of central France. It is a pretty town with a lot to offer for visitors. The town is also known for its equestrian activities. There are also many hiking trails in and around the town.

If you are planning to visit this French town, you should know that it is just a short drive from Paris. The trip will take approximately 3 hours and 26 minutes and will cover 180 miles. The journey time will vary depending on traffic conditions, but it is still a relatively short one.

Map of Chantenay-Saint-Imbert

You can find out where Chantenay-Saint-Immet is with a map. The town is in the province of Bourgogne in France. This page also provides contact information for Chantenay-Saint-Imberg. You can also get the latest traffic news and weather in the town.

There are different kinds of maps available for this town. For example, a topographic map shows the terrain and elevation of Chantenay-Saint-Imbert. This can be useful for hiking and biking in the area.

Cost of living in Chantenay-Saint-Imbert

The cost of living in Chantenay-Saint Imbert is quite low compared to other French cities. Depending on your driving habits and other factors, you can spend a very cheap trip to Chantenay-Saint-Imbot. Although the cost of living is slightly lower than the national average, the cost of property is much higher.

The cost of a 7-day holiday to Chantenay-Saint-Imbit varies, but is usually around $1,217 for a single person. A couple can expect to spend around $2,186. A family of four will spend about $4,098, on average. A one-night stay in a hotel in Chantenay-Saint-Imbert will cost between $45 and $203, and a holiday rental can cost between $120 and $400 per night.

Nearest train station to Chantenay-Saint-Imbert

You can reach Chantenay-Saint-Imber by train. It is a hub for the French transport network, connecting you with different areas in the region. In addition to railway services, Chantenay-Saint-Imbert is also connected to other modes of transport, such as buses and taxis.

You can travel from Paris by train. There is a railway from Paris to Marseille which leaves the city. It passes the Monts de la Madeleine. Then, it crosses the river Loire between Roanne and Le Coteau.

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