How to Get to Seixas Portugal by Train

How to get to Seixas Portugal by train

There are a few ways to travel between Porto Airport (OPO) and Seixas. Taxi services are available from the airport and operate to Viana do Castelo railway station in downtown Porto, as well as other major cities in northern Portugal. Companies include Taxis Porto, RadiTaxis, Autotaxis Fonseca, TAXIS – Moreira & Filho Lda and Porto Transfers. The journey should take approximately 30 minutes to an hour. It is advisable to book your taxi ahead of time, as queues can be long during peak hours and availability can vary.

Driving in Portugal is relatively easy and convenient, with a good network of estradas (highways) and roads mainly in very good condition. The country’s many small walled towns, though, can present tricky driving conditions as roads often taper to donkey-cart size and fiendish one-way systems can force you out of your way. Rental outfits can be found in most large cities, and car prices are reasonable compared to other European countries.

Bus travel is popular in Portugal. A host of small private operators, most now amalgamated into regional companies, run a dense network of services throughout the country. The largest operators are Rede Expressos and Rodonorte. Regional services tend to be cheaper than the faster intercity options, with a variety of discount offers available including discounts for children and travelers under 25 years of age.

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