How to Get to Recarei-Sobreira Portugal by Train

How to get to Recarei-Sobreira Portugal by train

Portugal’s coastline offers pristine beaches and picturesque medieval towns. The country’s interior is a land of forests and mountain ranges, where hiking trails lead to medieval castles and awe-inspiring gorges.

The Camino de Santiago crosses into Portugal from Spain and runs along a variety of routes. The Coastal route hugs the shores, while the Central and Litoral paths go inland before hooking up with the Coastal route. The Coastal and Central routes are both popular among hikers and bikers. The Coastal route is also an excellent place to try out bare-bones budget travel, with lodging in towns normally easy to find and locals accustomed to pilgrims.

Getting around by bus is common and cheap. The CR line runs slow services between every town and city, while the more comfortable Expressos and Rapidas run between major cities. You can book tickets in advance online, or at a ticket desk in the station. Local services can thin out on weekends, especially in summer when school is out. In the cities, hop aboard one of the old-school trams for a fun and inexpensive sightseeing tour of Lisbon or Porto.

You can rent scooters in larger cities and throughout the coastal Algarve. Prices start at EUR40 a day, and you’ll need fat tires for the cobbled streets of Portugal’s old-town centers. The country’s network of estradas is continuously being upgraded and expanded, and cars are widely available for rent. But driving is a tricky endeavor in Portugal’s small walled towns, where roads may taper to donkey-cart size before you know it and fiendish one-way systems trap you.

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