How to Get to Porto Sao Bento Portugal by Train

How to get to Porto Sao Bento Portugal by train

The eye-catching Sao Bento Railway Station is a must-visit in the city of Porto. Built on the site of the former Benedictine convent of Sao Bento de Ave Maria, it was completed in 1916 and is a sight to behold. The interior is adorned with more than 30 painted blue and white tile panels known as azulejos, created by renowned Portuguese artist Jorge Colaco. The station is open all day, but be warned that tourists often flock in large numbers to admire the azulejos. If you want to be able to quiet yourself and enjoy the azulejos, try going early in the morning or late at night when the crowds are much thinner.

From here you can take trains to the Douro Valley, and cities in northern Portugal including Guimaraes, Braga and Viana do Castelo. You can also hop on the North line which takes you to Lisbon and Spain or the Minho line which travels to the stunning city of Braga.

All of these services leave from the Porto Campanha train station located 2km to the east of the city center on Avenida 24 de Agosto. You can get here on the metro Line D (yellow), which stops in front of the station.

Note: if you are traveling to Lisbon or the north of Portugal from Porto, it may be cheaper and more convenient to depart from Porto Campanha instead of Sao Bento. This is because the Regional and InterRegional trains which leave from Sao Bento require a transfer at Lisbon Oriente, while the North and Minho lines are available at Porto Campanha.

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