How to Get to Parada Portugal by Train

How to get to Parada Portugal by train

The main cities of Lisbon and Porto are easily connected via frequent, affordable public transport. Explore these distracting, vibrant capitals and their contrasting neighbourhoods by day, then enjoy their nightlife and local culture.

A visit to Portugal is incomplete without enjoying its cuisine. There are restaurants of every style to suit any budget, and the country’s seafood is famous around the world. The best place to sample it is in its port wine regions, namely Douro and Algarve.

The best way to travel within Portugal is by train. The network is extensive, and trains are modern and comfortable. It is possible to reserve seats up to 60 days in advance. Local CP (Portuguese national railways) tickets can be bought from ticket offices, at station kiosks or online. You can also buy international rail passes at CP ticket offices or online.

For those interested in seeing more of the countryside, buses are a good option. The main intercity bus company is Rede Expressos, which has numerous express coaches connecting major cities and regional destinations. Local services are known as Carreiras, and those travelling long distances can be classified as Rapidas or Alta Qualidade.

Cycling is also popular in Portugal, and there are several mapped cycle routes. Many of these are within the mountainous national and natural parks, such as Peneda-Geres, but there are also many coastal itineraries to choose from. Renting a bike is easy in bigger cities and throughout the coastal region.

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