How to Get to Livracao Portugal by Train

How to get to Livracao Portugal by train

The best way to visit Livracao is to take a day trip from Porto. There are excellent roads from the city and it takes just over an hour to reach Peso da Regua, the main town of the Douro region. From here you can join a river cruise to see some of the best parts of the Douro valley.

You can also board a train from the Santa Apolonia or Campanha Stations in Lisbon and make your way to Porto, which takes about four hours and fifteen minutes. Once you’ve arrived in Porto, board an urban train to Peso da Regua. It’s important to note that these trains don’t go direct and require changing trains on some occasions, so be sure to check the schedule before buying your ticket.

From Porto, you can also catch the Linha do Douro train to various destinations. The most popular are Pinhao, Pocinho, and Peso da Regua. In Pinhao you can join a river boat tour and explore the charming town. A recommended stop is the Miradouro de Casal de Loivos viewpoint. You can also visit the Bar dos Pauzinhos, a three-story bar that has views from its patio.

In Amarante, you can enjoy the peaceful tributary of the Tamega River that runs through the city. The highlight is the historic Ponte Sao Goncalo, named after a 13th-century hermit who later became Saint Goncalo. Other must-sees include the UNESCO World Heritage Site Church of Saint Mary and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Amarante’s cafes and restaurants are also worth exploring, including the acclaimed Restaurante Pena on Rua de Pena.

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