How to Get to Cruz Quebrada Portugal by Train

How to get to Cruz Quebrada Portugal by train

The sand strip at the Cruz Quebrada beach, which thins out moving east from the Jamor river canal, is a tranquil spot. It’s a good place to escape from more crowded beaches, but it doesn’t have facilities and the water is sometimes uninviting. In spite of that, locals still go here. Pedro, who’s been fishing here since he was 7, is one of them. He explains that the pollution of the waters doesn’t bother him. The sand and sea are beautiful to him, and that’s the only thing that matters.

Pedro is standing on the narrow wall of the Jamor river canal that separates Cruz Quebrada beach from the ocean and holding his rod. He’s preparing for his next catch. He’s not aware that the beach is considered a polluted area, but he doesn’t seem concerned about it either. He says that he’s been coming here for a long time and the water is fine for him.

Port Bus Terminal, which is operated by Rodonorte (a major bus transportation company), has a new location, located near metro Polo Universitario. The terminal is modern and has indoor waiting areas, restrooms, vending machines, and ticket counters where you can purchase tickets and ask about schedules.

The trains that service Cruz Quebrada are operated by CP Comboios de Portugal (previously CP Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses). The company offers high-speed services, which require advance reservation and travel to major cities. Regional trains are slower and serve the smaller towns. The fares are cheaper, but you’ll have to change trains on several occasions, which will lengthen the journey.

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