How to Get to Assumar Portugal by Train

How to Get to Assumar Portugal by Train

In many ways, a train is one of the best ways to travel in Europe. It’s fast, comfortable, and often quite scenic. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive and very easy to use.

The quaint village of Assumar is nestled among horse-grazed pastures, vineyards, and olive groves in the heart of Portugal’s fertile Alentejo region. A 90-minute drive from Lisbon, it’s a surprisingly cosmopolitan spot with a handful of restaurants serving up farm-to-fork fare (think home-cooked suppers of sheep’s cheese, salt cod, and traditional black pork).

To get there, you’ll want to book tickets via Omio, which is much more user friendly than Comboios de Portugal. It also has a smartphone app where your digital train tickets are stored. The downside is that it adds a small service fee.

The area around Assumar is a great place for hiking. You can also explore the 16th-century Paco Ducal Palace, which is lavishly decorated with Brussels tapestries and frescoes. Alternatively, head to the nearby town of Estremoz for the largest antique and flea market in all of the Alentejo on Saturday mornings. You’ll find everything from craziest rarities to old local utensils. In addition, make sure to visit the ‘Berardo’ museum for an excellent collection of unique azulejos (floor and wall tiles). And if you’re hungry, try a plate of the local specialty, rabbit in the oven. It’s a bit greasy but very tasty.

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