How to Get to Alcaide Portugal by Train

How to get to Alcaide Portugal

The best way to travel between cities in Portugal is by train. You can book tickets online (via the official CP website or app) or at local stations. You can usually book Intercidade and Alfa Pendular trains up to 30 days in advance and some regional trains even further.

Popular day trip routes (like Lisbon to Sintra) attract lots of tourists and ticket lines can get long so make sure you arrive with plenty of time before departure. Many local trains don’t have power sockets in 2nd class but you should have no problem finding seats with them in 1st class. If you want to avoid the long ticket lines, try booking your train tickets in advance through third-party reseller Omio. It’s much more user-friendly than the Comboios de Portugal website, accepts international credit cards and provides a free smartphone app to store your digital train tickets. Omio does add a small service fee, however.

Cycling is very popular in Portugal and a great way to explore the country’s beautiful countryside. In the big cities, you’ll find a wide variety of rental shops where you can rent everything from city bikes to mountain bikes and tandems. The only downside is that the cobbled streets in some old-town centers are liable to jar your teeth loose if you don’t have fat tires.

There are also lots of buses in Portugal, both expressos and “rapidas.” The fast services (marked “Alta Qualidade”) can be booked up to 30 days in advance, though you’ll have little trouble booking a seat for the next or same day on most routes.

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