Greenhithe Station in Kent

Greenhithe Station serves the village of Greenhithe in north Kent and Bluewater Shopping Centre. It offers train services operated by Southeastern. It is also served by a number of frequent Fastrack bus services.

The station’s only ticket machine has stopped working, leading to long queues of passengers. This has caused delays and missed trains.

It’s a short walk from Bluewater

Greenhithe Station is a railway station serving the village of Greenhithe in north Kent and Bluewater Shopping Centre. Train services are operated by Southeastern. The station is 19 miles 69 chains (32.0 km) down the line from London Charing Cross and is one of the most important commuter stations in Kent.

The station was rebuilt in 2008 to improve accessibility for disabled users and upgrade the station and ticketing facilities. The work was undertaken using a modular design pioneered at Greenhithe and Mitcham Eastfields. Platform surfaces were also heightened with further layers of bricks, a process that resulted in them being skewed upwards from their original level.

A new station building was built midway along the down platform, a square-floor structure with elevations clad in orange tiles and a white flat roof. The new building replaced the original SER waiting shelter, which had been demolished. In addition, a new bridge was installed, allowing buses to stop outside the station and access a gradual road ascent to the platforms instead of having to use the steep stairs alongside the subway stairwell.

There are a number of ways to get to Greenhithe Station from London (All Stations). The most popular way is to take a train. The average journey time is 53 mins, and the fastest journey time is 43 mins. There are around 180 departures and arrivals throughout the day. First class tickets are available on some routes, and offer more space, complimentary food and drink, and other amenities compared to standard tickets.

It’s a good place to catch a train

Greenhithe railway station serves the village of Greenhithe and Bluewater Shopping Centre, and is 19 miles 69 chains down the line from London Charing Cross. Its station building was rebuilt in 2008 to improve access for disabled passengers and upgrade the ticketing facilities. It is operated by Southeastern trains. You can take any of the many train services between Greenhithe and London (All Stations). First class tickets offer more space, complimentary food and drink, and other amenities compared to standard class.

The station was opened on 30th July 1849, as a standard two-platform affair. The original buildings were of the SER design; a single-storey booking hall was flanked to either side by a curved roof structure. The station master’s house at Greenhithe was one of several along the SER route, with those at Northfleet and Gravesend remaining today as fine examples of the style.

The era of semaphore signals ended at the station in November 1970, when it switched over to colour light signalling, controlled from a Dartford panel. The station’s imposing Station Master’s house was demolished sometime in the ensuing decade, although this may not have been immediately obvious since it was still marked on the 1971 Ordnance Survey. The curved roof of the subway stairwell was replaced with a modern building midway down the “down” platform, of the sort then appearing in other areas on electrified stretches of the network.

It’s easy to get to

Getting to Greenhithe Station is easy, with multiple transport options available. You can easily find your way to the station using Moovit, an online travel planner that provides step-by-step directions from the nearest public transit stop to your destination. It displays up to date schedules, route maps, journey times, and estimated fares from relevant transport operators, ensuring you can make an informed decision about which option will suit you best.

Before the opening of Bluewater Shopping Centre, Greenhithe was a small village railway station with no disabled access and only a subway separating the platform surfaces. However, the opening of the shopping centre brought with it an influx of shoppers and commuters. As a result, the station underwent considerable modernisation, and is now operated by Southeastern.

In 2008, the station was rebuilt with a new building midway along the “down” platform. The new structure is based on a square floor plan and features elevations clad in orange tiles and glazing, with an overhanging white flat roof. It is one of only two stations on the North Kent Line to have such a building.

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It’s a good place to shop

Located about 5.5 miles east-southeast of Charing Cross, Greenhithe Station serves the area of London that shares its name. The station is serviced by many different trains throughout the day, with the fastest journey taking around 43 minutes. You can book tickets online, and choose from a range of travel options to suit your budget and needs. You can also find enhanced accessibility parking for those with disabilities, and save time by pre-booking your space on JustPark.

Bluewater Shopping Centre is an out-of-town shopping centre in Stone (postally Greenhithe) in Kent, England. The mall opened in 1999 on a former chalk quarry and is now the fifth-largest retail space in Europe, with a sales floor of about 154,000 m2. It was one of the first shopping centres to introduce colour light signalling when it switched over from semaphore signals in November 1970.

The station’s original single-storey 78-foot long booking hall was flanked by a two-story high Station Master’s house and an elongated brick-built waiting shelter with a wooden-clad facade and upward sloping roof, built to a similar design as at Northfleet. The platforms were linked by a subway. Under SE&CR ownership, the platform surfaces were heightened with further layers of bricks, resulting in them being higher than their surrounding elevations.

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