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Domaine Ricard

Ricard’s wines are about balance. They never feel heavy and are very precise with fruit and finish. They also have great value. The Sauvignon Blanc is a great example, and it is harvested from vines that are at least 30 years old. This wine is fermented on the lees for three months, then aged for eight months in barrels. The result is a wine with vibrant citrus flavors and a savory herbal touch.

The vineyards at Domaine Ricard are situated near Saint Aignan sur Cher in Touraine, near the town of Thesee. It is in the heart of Sauvignon Blanc territory and has been around for five generations. The Ricard family has been involved in the wine industry for nearly a century, starting as one of the founding members of the local wine co-operative, Oisy-Thesee. The winery has grown more than 12 hectares of vines, but Vincent Ricard views himself as a small artisanal grower with a vineyard of between twelve and thirteen hectares.

Domaine Emmanuel

Emmanuel Darnaud started his domaine in 2001, with just 1. 3 hectares of vines. Today, he has 15 hectares of vineyards. His wines have earned great praise and are now featured in Michelin-starred restaurants. This terroir produces bold, spicy wines that will go down a treat.

A meticulous perfectionist, Emmanuel pays great attention to every aspect of the winemaking process. For instance, he favors maximum aeration and alternates cover grasses from row to row, reducing the footprint of heavy machinery in the vineyard. Emmanuel believes that great wines are born in the vineyard and undergo a delicate transformation in the cellar.

Les Chassis

Les Chassis is a small town in France that is famous for its wines. The region is known for its quality reds and whites. The best reds are grown on plateaus south of the town, where the land is covered with cilloux roules, small stones that resemble Chateauneuf’s pudgin stones. These wines have a wide range of qualities, from rich and dark to light and fruity. The best producers use traditional techniques of fermentation. White wines are produced from Roussanne and Marsanne grapes.

Les Sept Chenin

Chenin is a grape variety native to the Loire Valley region of France. It is versatile and can be made into a variety of wines, from bone-dry to lusciously sweet. Although Chenin was originally grown in the Loire Valley, it is now widely planted throughout the world. This white wine grape variety is also known as chenin, cugnette, and cruchinet.

Throughout its long history, the Chenin grape has undergone ups and downs. It was first mentioned in official documents in 845. It has made its way to many regions in the Loire and even reached Bordeaux, although it fell out of favor in the early 20th century. In recent years, however, there has been renewed interest in Chenin, and its role as a classic white grape has gained renewed importance.

Emmanuel’s winery

Emmanuel’s winery in Trois Chnes makes a fine selection of wines. These are refined and generous wines that express the terroir. His vines are planted in the granitic soil of St Joseph. The winemaker has named his latest vintage, La Dardouille, after the French verb for sun. This year, he will also work with an exceptional Hermitage parcel from his father-in-law Bernard Faurie. This wine is not expected to be released until 2023.

The vineyards at Emmanuel’s winery in Trois Chnes are over 15 hectares. The oldest vines are between 25 and 60 years old. The grapes are planted in soil that is rich in brown clay.

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