Discover the Hidden Gems of Roche-Lez-Beaupr


If you are visiting the region, make sure to take the time to explore the hidden gems of Roche-lez-Beaupr. You will find 20 unique destinations, including cycling and hiking trails. Whether you are a cyclist or a hiker, Roche-lez-Beaupr has something for everyone.


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Routes de Roche-lez-Beaupre reunite two navigable rivers and three major routes. It is an industrial center and is near the Cote du Mont and the Chailluz forest. In addition, it is accessible by the TGV. It has comfortable modern seating.

Routes de Roche-lez-Beaupre is a town in the eastern part of France. It is situated in the department of Doubs and the French region of Franche-Comte. It is located nine kilometers north-east of Besancon. It was known as Roche until 1934. The town is served by national highway 83 and is accessible by railroad. The Doubs River is navigable. In addition, it is home to a few industries.


If you’re planning a trip to eastern France, you may want to stop by Roche-lez-Beaupr. This commune is located in the Doubs department of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. The area is known for its scenic landscapes and numerous attractions.

The area around Roche-lez-Beaupre offers many attractions that visitors can enjoy. There are plenty of hiking and cycling trails for visitors.


The commune of Roche-lez-Beaupré is located in the Doubs department of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region of eastern France. Located in the eastern part of the department, it is surrounded by vineyards, forests, and hills.

Until 1934, Roche-lez-Beaupre was known as Roche. It is served by a railroad and the navigable Doubs River. It is also known for its metalworking industries.

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