Cherso Railway Station Greece

Cherso Railway Station Greece is located in the village of Cherso (Greek: , Bulgarian: Khersobo Hersovo / Hirsova). It serves as the gateway to the village of Doiran and the surrounding area. It is also served by buses from Thessaloniki.

The station itself has been reduced to a single platform with no outside seating, and there is no Dot-matrix display or timetable poster boards. The only train services operating here are a seasonal summer route with the cog train of Pelion, which departs from Diakofto and makes a number of stops before arriving in Kalavryta. This is a 1-hour tour that takes place all year round, on weekends and national holidays.

Domestic routes operated by Blue Star Ferries and ANEK Lines connect Piraeus (the port nearest Athens) with 53 islands including Hydra, Santorini, Mykonos, Ios, Naxos, Samos, Patmos, and Crete. These are not covered by rail passes, although the Eurail Global Pass does cover overnight ferries to and from Italy operated by Superfast Ferries or ANEK Lines between Venice and Bari, Ancona and Patra, and Corfu and Igoumenitsa.

Renting a car is possible, but can be inconvenient within this bustling, walkable city. It is also often not worth it if planning on exploring the region, as local buses can be just as efficient and are usually cheaper. International ferries are another option, but again these are not usually covered by rail passes, and may be difficult to book from outside Greece.

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