Cheap Train Tickets From Sermizelles-Vzelay


Train tickets to Sermizelles-Vzelay from Avallon start at just EUR5. The distance between the two cities is only 10 kilometres, and the fastest train journey takes just 11 minutes. Booking in advance is recommended, as early booking will get you cheaper prices. Prices will increase as the departure date approaches. It is possible to get a last-minute train ticket, but be sure to book it early!

Train station

If you are planning to travel to the Sermizelles-Vzelay train station, you should know that you’ll need to purchase a ticket in advance. However, the price of train tickets can increase significantly as the date nears. To get the best prices, you should book a ticket a few months in advance.

The train journey from Avallon to Sermizelles-Vzelay takes about 11 minutes. There are two trains a day that depart from Avallon. The first train departs at 05:02 and the last train leaves at 16:02. You can purchase train tickets starting from EUR5 at the time of booking, but you should note that the price can rise as the date of departure approaches.

Bus stop

If you’re looking for a cheap way to get from Sermizelles to Vezelay, you’re in luck. The journey time is just 5.6 mi, and you can even board a bus from Sermizelles. Keep in mind that times can vary depending on weather conditions, local events, and terrain.

The distance between Sermizelles-Vzelay and Amsterdam Centraal Station is 549 Kms, or 340.6 miles. With a bus from Sermizelles-Vzelay, you’ll have about 6 hours to get to your final destination.

Taxi rank

When you are looking to get a cab in Sermizelles-Vzelay, you can use the taxi rank. The rank offers several taxi services. You can make a reservation and also get an estimation on how much it will cost you. The taxi prices are calculated according to the distance you will be traveling. These taxis are professional and can optimize your journey time.

The nearest SNCF station is Sermizelles. From there, you can take a bus to Vezelay. There are also many TER buses that run through Vezelay. They also depart from Sermizelles, Clamecy and Corbigny. Another option is to take the A6 Autoroute from Paris to Beaune. You can also take this road to reach Vezelay and Avallon.

Train companies that go to Sermizelles-Vezelay

When looking for a train ticket from Sermizelles to Vezelay, make sure to buy it well in advance. Prices increase significantly as the date of departure approaches. However, discounts are sometimes available a few months before the date. This will ensure that you get the best price. Fares can be as cheap as EUR2 one way. The journey takes around 15 minutes.

Train companies that go to Sermizelle-Vezelay often have a schedule that you can follow. However, be aware that the schedule may change due to public holidays, local events, or seasonal timetables. Be sure to check the timetable before you travel so that you can avoid missing any connections.

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