Autun, France, is Rich in History, Art, and Culture


Autun, France, is a charming town that’s home to around 16,000 people. This town is located in the eastern part of France, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. The town has a rich history dating back to the Roman era. It is also home to a Roman amphitheatre.

Autun is a thriving provincial town of 16,000

A thriving provincial town in central-eastern France, Autun is a city of history and art. It was founded around 15 BC by the Roman Emperor Augustus as Augustodunum, and was the easternmost outpost of the Muslim Ummayad empire. In the 1830s, Autun became famous for its oil shale industry, and in 1852, it gave its name to the mineral Autunite. Today, Autun is a town rich in history, art, and culture.

It is located east center of France

Autun is a town in eastern France with a rich history and a charming old center. It is a great destination for history buffs and has several museums to keep visitors entertained. The museum collection is varied and covers various subjects. Some of them are dedicated to natural history, children’s art, and medieval architectural items. The Musee Rolin is one of the best museums in the town and contains a rich collection of medieval art and objects. The museum is also home to a statue of Mary-Magdalene.

It has 2,000 years of history

The city of Autun was a Roman staging post and was also the capital of the Iron Age Aedui people. Today, the city is a pleasant provincial town, located off the main north-south roads in France. The city has a wealth of archaeological sites, including a Roman theatre and Janus temple. It also has ramparts and a cathedral.

It has a Roman amphitheatre

You’ve probably heard that Autun has a Roman amphitheater, but you might be surprised to know that there are also many Roman remains in town. One of these is the temple of Janus, which still has a corner of the original building. Another is the theatre, one of the largest in the Roman empire, which seated 20 thousand spectators. On top of that, Autun has a pyramid built outside its walls, the Pyramid Pierre de Couhard.

It has a neo-Renaissance arcade

The Autun cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Autun, France. It is known for its Cluniac-inspired interior and for its Gislebertus-designed Romanesque sculptures. The cathedral epitomizes the style of art typical of Burgundy.

It has a pedestrian street

Autun’s central district is centered around two major squares. One is home to the Theatre, while the other is the site of the Lycee. There is also the Covered Passage, an ornate shopping arcade built in the 19th century. Autun is also home to the city’s old prison, which was the first prison in France to be built around individual cells.

It has a MTB trail

The region of Autun boasts a MTB trail for all levels of riders, from beginners to experts. There are four kilometres of trails, from 1,000 to 1,800 metres, which constitute the Grande Traversee du Morvan, or VTT, between Avallon and Autun. Beginners can take advantage of the green track, while more advanced riders can choose the blue or red tracks.

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