The Helsinki-Kotka Passenger Line in Finland

Traveling from Helsinki to Kotka by train can be an excellent choice if you’re planning to visit the sights in the area. Read the online timetable to find out more information and use the booking links provided to book a ticket. The trains on this route are well-appointed with amenities such as spacious seating, compartments for your luggage, and restrooms.


The timetable can be found on screens above the platforms and the departure times are clearly displayed. Also audible announcements inform passengers of ExpressBus departures. Departure-specific timetables are also available at the main square of Kamppi Shopping Centre and at the entrance to the long-distance terminal. Approximately 700 long-distance coaches arrive and depart daily from Kamppi, which is one of the world’s largest bus terminals. It is a modern indoor facility with direct walking connections to the Helsinki Metro and Espoo Bus Terminal.

The route is extended to Turku Harbour during ferry departure and arrival times. In these cases the ExpressBus coaches will stop at the pier, where it is possible to board from the ferry. Tickets can be purchased online through booking links.


Kotka is a small city in southern Finland on the Gulf of Finland. Its rich history, diverse attractions, and developed services make it a popular tourist destination. It is also a seaport, major export and transit port and an important industrial and cultural centre.

In the heart of the town lies the Church of Saint Nicholas, a neoclassical structure built between 1799 and 1801. The facade is adorned with pillars for three entries and a cross dome. The city’s numerous parks and green areas provide plenty of opportunities for a scenic stroll. These include Sapokka Watergarden, Katariina Seaside Park, Sibelius Park, Isopuisto (“Big Park”), Sculpture Promenade and Palotornivuori Park.

The city is connected to Helsinki and Hamina by local buses, and it can be reached via rail from Helsinki or Kouvola. Bus tickets can be purchased in advance from Matkahuolto’s online shop or mobile app, or at R-kiosks and travel agencies. Train tickets can be bought at VR’s online shop or ticket offices.


The Helsinki-Kotka passenger line is a popular way to travel between the two cities. Several bus companies, including Matkahuolto, Onnibus, and ExpressBus, offer regular services along the route. The trip from Helsinki to Kotka takes about 2 hours.

Finland’s railway system is an essential part of its public transportation network and offers passengers a comfortable, reliable journey. The country’s trains are modern and offer many amenities, including comfortable seats and power outlets. Many long-distance routes use Pendolino trains, which are modern tilting trains that reach speeds of up to 250 kph.

The Helsinki-Tampere route is a popular choice among commuters, who take the train weekly to get to work and back again. The price for a season ticket is 55 e / month, and discount tickets are available. There are also several private companies that operate Helsinki–Tallinn passenger lines. Some of them have specifically designed cruises that include a day in Tallinn, while others are simply route-connection ferries.

Travel time

There are a few ways to get from Helsinki to Kotka, including bus, train, and car. Trippy makes it easy to compare the different options and find the best ticket prices. You can also check out the travel time to see how long it will take to reach your destination.

The G train was introduced in 2017 as an hourly service along the main line between Riihimaki and Lahti. Its northern leg towards Kerava calls at every station, while the southern leg terminates in Kouvola. Some peak and fringe hours departures extend to Kouvola as well.

This is the longest route on the VR commuter rail network, taking two hours and 15 minutes to complete the journey. It is operated each weekday morning from Hameenlinna to Helsinki, with the return journey leaving in the afternoon. Make sure you use a Eurail or Interrail pass for this trip to save money and have more flexibility. You can also book a ferry to Kotka if you’re traveling with a larger group.

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