Joensuu Station on the Passenger Line in Finland

The main railway line to Helsinki and Turku passes through Joensuu. The station offers six passenger trains on weekdays, with the fastest journey time of around four hours.

Local buses depart from stops around the Market Square and railway station. Buses are cheap, and daily tickets can save you money on transport.


The Helsinki metropolitan area has an extensive public transport network, which includes the metro, bus, trams, and ferries. You can also use the HSL app for tailored travel information and to purchase tickets. The app is free of charge and works on both Android and Apple devices. Alternatively, you can buy tickets from ticket machines and drivers. The city’s most popular option is the HSL card, which allows you to save money by loading it with value and using it on all modes of public transportation.

Single and Value tickets are valid for 80 to 110 minutes and allow you to transfer between modes of transportation. Children under seven years old travel free of charge, and pensioners receiving the national pension, full-time students, and people with limited mobility can buy discounted tickets. Tickets are sold at R-kioskis, HSL service points, and ticket machines. You can also download the HSL app for mobile phones or tablet computers to buy your ticket online.


Getting around Finland is relatively easy, though fares are high. Public transport is efficient, reliable and safe. It is worth getting an HSL card (EUR5) and a card reader to use on buses, trams and commuter trains. Day tickets are cheap for visitors and season tickets offer savings.

The main railway station is situated next to the coach station, making transfers straightforward. The city centre can also be reached in a few minutes by bus.

Trams began running in Turku, now part of the capital Helsinki, in 1912. A couple of circular routes – 3T clockwise and 3B anticlockwise – pass through the centre. These are marketed to tourists, with pamphlets extolling the various places of interest passed. The network is currently being extended to Jatkasaari south of Ruoholahti and Laajasalo east of the city centre via a series of bridges. There are also plans for a heritage tramway along the Aura River between Turku Castle and Martinsilta, in perhaps the most attractive area of the city.


The bus system is operated by Helsinki Regional Transport (Helsinki) and offers a variety of different tickets. You can buy your ticket online or from the driver, although the prices are higher when you purchase them on board. Tickets are valid on all public transportation vehicles. Within the city, you can also use the HSL App to buy tickets and receive tailored transport information.

Getting around Helsinki is relatively easy, especially if you know what to look for. You can get to most places by bus, tramway and train. During your trip, you can explore the main sites of Helsinki and discover its many important monuments. The city’s most notable landmark is the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral with its gold onion domes. You can also visit the Senate Square and see buildings attributed to Carl Ludwig Engel.

Six passenger trains run daily from Helsinki to Joensuu, with travel time at a maximum of four hours. The future IC1 service, which is currently being designed, will reduce the travel time to Joensuu even further.


The city of Joensuu has a train and bus station that offers intercity connections to Helsinki. The central bus station is located in the city center and has numbered buses that depart to various areas of the city (Route maps, Timetables). The railway station offers daily train services, with tickets available for purchase online or at the station. The trains are designed with traveler comfort in mind, with comfortable seats and ample luggage space.

The train ride from Helsinki to Joensuu takes about 1.1 hours. The cost of a ticket is between 70 and 400 euros, depending on when you book. The best way to find cheap Helsinki-Joensuu flights is by using Wingie, which directly gathers and compares instant flight prices from all airlines.

You can also use Uber, which is a popular taxi service in Finland. However, it is important to remember that Uber is a private company, and their prices may vary depending on the driver’s experience and skill.

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