Vonnas, France


Vonnas is a commune in the Ain department in eastern France

Vonnas is a small town in the south-east of France. It is located in the Rhone-Alpes region of the country and lies in the Ain department. It is also part of the district of Bourg-en-Bresse. The area code is 01457 and the ZIP code is 01540.

It is home to Georges Blanc’s eponymous restaurant

Raymond Blanc has opened a new restaurant in Vonnas. The city is close to the Swiss border, and is only a one-hour drive from Geneva or Annecy. He also hopes to open more restaurants in this area.

It has a museum

The town of Vonnas, France, is home to a museum founded by local businessman Georges Blanc, who has been involved in the local tourism industry for over 50 years. His museum tells the story of his family, the village, and the restaurant he started. His great-grandparents opened a restaurant in Vonnas in 1872, and Georges joined the family business in 1965. In 1981, he won his third Michelin star.

It has a farm

The village of Vonnas has a rich agricultural heritage, but you might not realize it from the name. Located in the Bresse plain, which borders the great Burgundian domains, the village is famous for its milk-fed chickens and toothsome blue-legged poulet de Bresse. Its rich diversity of plants makes it an ideal place for food lovers to visit.

It has a luxury village

From the luxurious spa and dining facilities to the reconstructed inn of your great-grandparents, Vonnas is a luxury village in the Bresse region. It was the first Village Gourmand de France, and is located 50 km north of Lyon. The village was founded in 1872 and features rooms and suites with private baths and free WiFi. A heavenly spa and aquatic space is also included in your stay, as well as a park and large landscaped gardens.

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