Travel by Train From Helsinki to Joensuu

Traveling by train between Helsinki and Joensuu is one of the best ways to experience Finland’s beautiful scenery. The trains also offer comfortable onboard amenities, including ample legroom and generous luggage space.

The Joensuun rautatieasema is served by passenger trains to Helsinki (via Lappeenranta), Kouvola, Nurmes and Pieksamaki. Commuter trains are marked as such in timetables and don’t require reservations.

Getting There

The fastest way to get from Helsinki to Joensuu is by plane. Several airlines operate direct flights between these two cities each week. The flight duration is around 1h 00m.

You can also travel to Joensuu by train. Finnish Railways (VR) runs several trains daily from Helsinki via Lappeenranta and Kouvola to Joensuu. The journey takes approximately 5 hours. Check the schedule and booking links on Omio before you buy your tickets.

Buses operate between the airport and the city centre. The nearest bus stop is located on Railway Square.

Long distance buses in Finland are modern and comfortable, with air conditioning, reclining seats and bathrooms. Many offer free Wi-Fi and power outlets. If you are traveling with kids, be sure to check the luggage restrictions and if the bus is equipped for child safety seats. Some buses also have bike racks on board. For a stress-free ride, choose to book a seat directly online or in advance at a ticket office.


Travelers can take several trains per day to Joensuu. Some trains are marked as ‘night train’ in the timetables, but they don’t have specific night carriages; it just means that they run during the night.

There are also daily connections from Helsinki and Jyvaskyla. Some trains also stop in Turku, Kajaani and Savonlinna. Local bus lines are also available. Bus tickets cost EUR2 one-way and can be bought with Waltti cards, which are available at the main station or at city service point Carelicum.

The best time to visit Joensuu is in summer, when the weather is warmest. Prices are highest in July and August, but decrease throughout the rest of the year. Flights are cheaper in June and January, but the extra time it takes to get to the airport makes this option less attractive. Book well in advance to secure the lowest rates.

Ticket Prices

In Finland, you can purchase train tickets online or at the station. Generally, ticket prices are lower when you buy them in advance.

If you plan on traveling by train frequently, it may be worth purchasing a daily ticket. This will allow you to make unlimited trips during the day at a reduced price.

Passenger trains in Finland are famous for their comfort and spaciousness, which makes them a popular choice for people looking to explore the country’s impressive landscapes. Many of the nation’s cities and towns are easily reached by train, and there are even passenger rail connections to some of the most remote locations, such as Rovaniemi and Lapland.

Joensuun railway station is located in the North Karelia region of Finland and opened in 1894. The station is currently served by passenger services to Helsinki (via Lappeenranta, Kouvola and Nurmes) and to Pieksamaki. In the past, it also handled local passenger lines to Naantali and Uusikaupunki, but these have been discontinued due to low use.

Travel Tips

The trains from Helsinki to Joensuu offer impressive views of rolling forests, glistening lakes and clusters of wooden cottages painted in classic Nordic red and white. With dozens of direct connections daily, it’s easy to travel between the cities with ease and comfort. Onboard amenities, such as spacious seats and ample legroom, also make train travel a popular choice in Finland.

The Finnish railway website, Reittiopas, has a point-to-point journey planner that lets you enter your starting address and destination. It then shows you your options, including flights and trains.

The main Helsinki Central Station is located in the city center, on Kluuvikatu 1. It has connections to metro and buses via Asematunneli tunnel. Commuter trains (noted by single letter names) don’t require reservations, and they’re marked as ‘runs every X minutes’ on the timetables. Night trains have more stops and are marked as Sm5. See the complete list of routes on Reittiopas.

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