Travel by Train Between Helsinki and Turku

Whether you’re visiting Finland on business or taking a holiday to see the sights, you can easily travel between Helsinki and Turku by train. Book your tickets now and relax on the journey, enjoying the stunning countryside views.

A one-hour rail link would strengthen the standing of cities and towns, boost employment opportunities and enhance the competitiveness of the area.

The route

Train travel to and from Helsinki is a comfortable and convenient way to reach Turku. The InterCity and Pendolino trains run by VR offer a variety of onboard facilities. Regardless of class, you will enjoy plenty of leg room and power outlets at your seat.

The 188 km (117 mi) journey from Helsinki to Turku takes about two hours. You can read a book, relax and take in the stunning countryside views as you make your way north.

The one-hour Turku rail link will significantly reduce commuter train times between Helsinki and Turku and provide new opportunities for growth and development in the region. It will also connect all the municipalities along the route to the Helsinki metropolitan area and improve local transport connections. This is a win for Finland and its people.


Train travel in Finland is a comfortable way to see the stunning natural scenery and the exciting cities of the country. Onboard long-distance trains you can choose your seat free of charge (except on commuter trains) and enjoy services like WiFi, tables and reading lights, power sockets, and heating/air conditioning.

Many trains also have spas where you can relax in a jacuzzi, visit the sauna or get a massage. Many Viking Line and Tallink Silja ships have these facilities as well, so you can take a break from your journey and pamper yourself.

The one-hour rail link will strengthen the connections of Helsinki and Turku, as well as their position as attractive centres for business and living. It will also improve the accessibility of the towns and villages along the route, as well as boost their economic development.


The main railway lines in Finland are operated by VR (abbreviated from Valtionrautatiet, meaning State Railway). Passenger train services include InterCity and Pendolino trains. VR trains are modern and equipped with a variety of facilities.

A 14 km westward extension of the Helsinki Metro to Matinkyla opened in November 2017. A double track line north from Seinojaki to Kivenlahti is being planned and will open in 2023. The rail line east from Kerava to Lahti is also being doubled.

A new high-speed line from Helsinki to Turku will cut journey times by up to 1 hour and create a common commuting area for 1.5 million people in western South Finland. The project is part of the One Hour Train vision to improve local transport connections. The national and local government are splitting the costs between them. In addition, a new line is being planned to link the airport and Helsinki city center.


With an average fare below a tenth of what it costs to fly the same route, train travel is often much cheaper than flight. One child rides free per ticket-buying adult, and discounts are available for students, seniors and people with limited mobility.

Finland’s state-owned rail operator VR operates the passenger network and has a monopoly on long-distance services, which is why it’s best to book tickets well in advance. It recently introduced a new 25-point price scale, meaning that same-day departures during peak times could cost more than a flight on the same route.

In addition to the hourly IC1 train that runs from Helsinki to Joensuu, there is an extra service at peak times with the M train to Tampere. The two legs share a timetable and use the same rolling stock. All trains are comfortable and clean, with free WiFi, tables, reading lights and power sockets. Many long-distance trains have lounge carriages where you can relax and enjoy the view.

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