Lapland Luminary – A Winter Wonderland Expedition by Train

Located in the heart of Finland’s Lapland region, Rovaniemi is an ideal base to explore wintery delights. Here, you can experience reindeer sleigh rides and farm visits, husky tours and even spot the northern lights during an unforgettable night safari!

Picture yourself seated beside a serene lake, enveloped by whispering forests, as you indulge in ancient Finnish relaxation traditions. Alternatively, choose to stay in an exquisite Premium Lodge, offering both space and opulence.

Arctic SnowHotel

The Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos is one of Finland’s most impressive winter wonderland attractions. You’ll be immersed in a magical landscape where snow-covered trees are illuminated by moonlight and the Northern Lights dance in the sky. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is sure to be unforgettable.

The hotel is rebuilt each year by specialist sculptors and opens in late December. It has a variety of rooms, including standard ones for two, three, five and six people. These unique rooms have walls and furniture made of ice, and are decorated with illuminated artwork. You’ll also find a warm restaurant and bar.

During the day, you can enjoy a range of outdoor activities such as snowshoeing and snowmobiling. The hotel also offers an outdoor Jacuzzi and a snow sauna. The hotel’s staff will help you with the booking and planning of your adventure. You can even book a Northern Lights hunt, and they’ll provide you with the best possible chance of seeing them.

A stay at the hotel isn’t for everyone, and you should be prepared for a cold night. The room temperature is between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius, but you’ll be provided with sleeping bags intended for extreme conditions and reindeer furs. There are also plenty of warming areas where you can sleep if you’re unable to brave the icy environment.

A trip to the Arctic SnowHotel will also allow you to see the beautiful scenery of Lapland. You’ll be able to capture stunning photos of the frozen landscape and its spectacular Northern Lights displays. The area is perfect for photographers and cinematographers who want to take advantage of the long shooting days that occur during summer in Lapland.

SieriPoro Reindeer Farm

The Sami people’s connection with the enchanting Northern Lights is long-held and revered. The lights are a source of comfort and strength during long winter nights as they dance in the sky above. Legends tell of a fox who chased fireballs through the forest, whipping them up into the air to form the lights.

Staying at the SieriPoro Reindeer Farm is a great way to witness these lights for yourself. During this experience, guests will learn about the daily lives of reindeer herders in Lapland and the important roles they play in the community. They’ll also get up close to these enchanting animals and hear herders’ stories of how they work in harmony with nature.

Another great option for chasing the Northern Lights is to rent a snowmobile and head out into the vast wilderness of Lapland. Glide through pristine forests and over frozen lakes as you seek out the best spots to view this celestial phenomenon. Your seasoned guides will help you understand the science behind the Northern Lights and provide tips on camera settings to capture incredible photos.

Located in Rovaniemi, this spacious apartment has 2 separate bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. It is equipped with a dishwasher, an oven and a refrigerator. It also has a washing machine, soundproof walls and a fireplace. There is also a sauna on offer and the property’s private entrance ensures privacy. The property is less than a 5-minute walk from Arktikum Science Centre and Santa Claus Village – Christmas House. It is also a short car ride from Rovaniemi Airport. The area’s grand pine trees are beautifully frosted with snow. Icicle faeries twirl among the limbs of these ancient trees, and husky dogs race through glistening snowdrifts.

Restaurant Nova Skyland

Nestled in Finnish Lapland’s wintry wilds yet within walking distance of Rovaniemi’s Santa Claus Village, Nova Skyland Hotel is an epic nature holiday and festive city break all rolled into one. With a choice of four accommodation styles that sleep between two and eight people, each features modern Scandinavian decor, warming saunas and inspiring floor-to-ceiling windows that make the most of their wilderness surroundings. For a romantic couples’ getaway, the Aurora Honeymoon Suite is ideal with its skylight to view star-filled skies and the Northern Lights.

Guests can also choose to stay in the luxury Nordic Cottage, which has two bedrooms and sofa beds in the living room that can accommodate up to eight guests. The resort’s Nova restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets using fresh local ingredients and a la carte options for the evenings. The staff are also happy to cater for any special dietary requirements, and children’s meals can be provided upon request.

With free Wi-Fi in public areas, an express check-in and check-out feature and a terrace, there are plenty of ways to relax at this Lapland accommodation. The helpful front desk team can provide concierge services, secure valuables and offer luggage storage. Guests can also enjoy the on-site sauna and ice rink.

Rovaniemi Airport is just a short car ride away from Nova Skyland Villa, and direct flights to the city are available throughout the year. For those who prefer to drive, the hotel provides free parking on site. It’s worth checking the latest flight prices to see if there are any bargains to be had. The cheapest days to book are usually in August and July. If you want to guarantee a room at this property, it’s best to book well in advance.

Aurora Hunt

A northern lights hunt is a chance to witness one of nature’s most mesmerizing shows. It is a thrilling experience that requires patience and research. The best time to see the northern lights is during autumn and winter, when the sky is dark. It is also better to stay away from cities or towns, which can dilute the display.

Many companies in Lapland offer aurora hunting experiences. They can be found online, and they often include accommodation and activities for the night of your tour. Most of these trips are a bit more expensive than other options, but the extra cost is worth it for those who want to be guaranteed to see the Northern Lights.

The best thing about this type of adventure is that it allows you to stay outside for hours at a time, which gives you more chances to witness the Northern Lights. To help you prepare for your hunt, be sure to bring a good quality camera with a wide-angle lens and a tripod. You will also need a sturdy tent, sleeping bag and warm clothing. It is a good idea to wear layers and use hand and foot warmers to keep you warm while you wait for the Aurora.

You can also opt for a teepee stay in Rovaniemi, where the locals are known to host aurora tours. These excursions typically last all night and require a high level of patience. The Aurora hunters are experts in the region and know where to look for the show. They will take you to different vantage points and provide you with varied backgrounds, which are great for photographing the lights.


When traveling to Finland, a visit to the real-life Winter Wonderland of Lapland is a must. This northernmost region is home to the world’s most famous Santa Claus Village and boasts scenic subarctic wilderness and cosy ski resorts.

There are a wide variety of activities that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Whether it be a day hike or a night-time expedition to watch the mesmerizing Northern Lights, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this wintry wilderness.

One of the most popular snow-based activities is snowmobiling. This activity offers several benefits that can benefit the mental health of participants, including a feeling of social connection. This is because snowmobiling is a team-oriented sport, with each member relying on the others to navigate the terrain safely. Additionally, the thrill of riding a snowmobile can boost the self-esteem and confidence of those who participate in it.

The unique landscape of Lapland provides a wealth of opportunities for corporate events and retreats. Guests can indulge in the winter activities, such as snowshoeing or reindeer sleigh rides, while learning more about the culture and history of this Arctic paradise. Moreover, Lapland is known for its mesmerizing Northern Lights, which can be a beautiful backdrop for team-building activities and presentations.

To further enhance the experience of this Arctic destination, consider arranging a meeting at the famous Santa Claus Village. This is a magical place of elves, twinkling lights and ice sculptures that makes an ideal setting for an unforgettable event. In addition to a meeting room, you can also book an ice gallery, which features stunning ice sculptures that create a captivating ambiance for receptions and dinners.

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