Things to do in Lucy-sur-Cure-Besy


If you’re thinking about spending your holiday in Lucy-sur-Cure-Besy, here are some things to consider before booking your trip. This town is located on the River Cher in the Lorraine department, and is a great choice for both day trips and overnight stays.


The small village of Bessy-sur-Cure is located in the Yonne department of the French province of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte. It has a population of 193 people. It is located at a distance of 19 km from the town of Avallon.

There are two roads leading to the town. The A6 passes through this town, connecting it to other nearby towns. It is 28 km south-east of Auxerre. The Lucy-sur-Cure-Bessy border is located on the Cure, a turbulent biflod that flows to the Yonne.


Located in the heart of France, Lucy-sur-Cure-Bescy is a charming town in the Jura region. Its historical buildings are mostly listed and have a charm that is reminiscent of the Old World. The town’s main attraction is its picturesque setting. The town’s main square is lined with quaint old houses that have been preserved over the years. The town is a popular destination for hiking and cycling.

This picturesque town has a rich artisanal and architectural heritage. It is home to old metiers and artisans. A new book chronicles the history of these artisans in Bessy. The author, Guy Cuny, is a passionate stone collector and writer. After discovering that a monument commemorating Bessy’s famous stonework was not planned to be built, he decided to write a book about the town’s rich history.


Bessy-sur-Cure is a commune located in the north-central part of France. Its name literally translates to “Bessy on the Cure”. This commune has a population of 193 people. The people of Bessy-sur-Cure are known as Bessyats.

You can reach Lucy-sur-Cure-Besy by train from Paris. SNCF has a railway station at Lucy-sur-Cure, which is located on the Cravant-Bazarnes-Dracy-Saint-Loup line. You can also take the bus from the station to Bessy. The journey will take about 11h59m.


In two ouvrages titled Autrefois Bessy sur Cure, Guy Cuny retells the history of this historic town in the north-central French department of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte. A Var native, Cuny moved to Yonne in 2000 and is passionate about writing and stone collecting. Disappointed at the lack of a monument in Bessy, he decided to write a book on the history of this town.

Trains from Lucy-sur-Cure-Besy Station go to several destinations in France. The station is located in Lucy-sur-Cure, Yonne. It is on the Cravant-Bazarnes-Dracy-Saint-Loup line. You can also get there by bus from Rotterdam Centraal Station.

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