Things to Do in Bradford Forster Square

There are plenty of things to do in Bradford Forster Square. You can take a leisurely stroll through the unique Lister Park, which is full of scenic beauty.

Another top attraction is the renowned Bradford Museum of Art and History. It showcases an eccentric mixture of architectural styles and is a great place to learn about the city’s history.

Salts Mill

The magnificent Salts Mill is now a multi-purpose complex that combines art galleries, restaurants and shopping in one stunning historic building. It’s a great place to explore, and you can always find something new to see. Often special events take place at the site, such as displays of David Hockney’s work in the 1853 Gallery.

The colossal Grade II-listed former textile mill was built in 1853 by industrialist Sir Titus Salt. He built the mill and the surrounding village to provide a better standard of living for his workers. Today the village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an important part of Bradford’s rich industrial history.

The 1853 Gallery at the Salts Mill features one of the best collections of works by David Hockney. The gallery also offers a range of other exciting exhibitions.

Bolling Hall

When visiting Bradford, there are many activities that can be done for the whole family. The city has a wide variety of museums and parks to visit. It also has several good hotels that offer sophistication and style.

Bolling Hall is a manor house that was home to two important families, the Bollings and Tempests. The house dates back to medieval times and is a rambling mixture of styles. During the Civil War, the household supported the Royalist cause and served as a stronghold during the siege of Bradford. The house is furnished and decorated to give visitors an accurate taste of life at different periods of its history.

Other attractions in Bradford include the Bradford Ice Arena, the IMAX National Media Museum, and Lister Park.


With a large public space, a city park and two major shopping areas, Bradford is a great place to visit for a range of attractions. The award-winning city park at Centenary Square has a central fountain which shoots water up to 100ft into the air, and a mirror pool which reflects the skyline of Bradford.

Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saltaire, the Victorian model village built by Titus Salt. The village is home to several buildings that showcase the textile industry, including the impressive Salts Mill, which is now a museum and art gallery featuring the works of David Hockney.

You can also take a self-guided tour of the houses that Salt built for his workers. The houses feature beautiful Victorian architecture and are well-preserved today. Salt also built a library, church and baths for his workers. He also banned pubs in the village because he believed alcohol would negatively affect his workers’ health.


Ilkley is a quaint town with an upmarket feel. Its local shops feature everything from fine art to speciality foods and the area is popular with walkers, climbers and cyclists. Ilkley Moor is a key attraction with its dramatic scenery featuring waterfalls, ruins and woods.

The town’s renowned literature festival is also worth a visit with dozens of writers from across the globe taking part in workshops and events at venues around the town. The Brontes are synonymous with the Yorkshire region and the yearly event is a celebration of their legacy.

Other popular attractions include the National Media Museum which explores image & sound technologies and has the UK’s first IMAX theatre. The Alhambra Theatre features West End and nationally-recognised shows as well as hosting Yorkshire’s biggest panto.


Whether you are looking to get active during the summer or want to pamper yourself during winter, Bradford has plenty of activities for everyone. There are numerous attractions that you can visit, such as the Bradford Ice Arena and the IMAX National Media Museum.

The former textile mill at Salts Mill now houses a gallery and shopping complex, along with events and restaurants. It is also a great place for families to spend the day. A great option is Plant One on Me, a quaint coffee shop inspired by the Bothy concept found in remote locations offering a cosy environment and delicious menu. A family run independent business, it connects with the local community and serves locally sourced food. Their afternoon tea is perfect for a midday break.

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