Things to Do in Blairhill

things to do in Blairhill

There are plenty of things to do in Blairhill. Stroll through our gardens or relax by Moosehead Lake. Then enjoy our expert culinary creations at breakfast time!

Whether you’re visiting on business or just passing through, the hotel has an amazing spa with outdoor therapeutic hot tub and sauna.

Antonine Wall

Most people think of Hadrian’s Wall when they hear of the northern frontier of Roman Britain but, for a short time, a line even further north was marked by the Antonine Wall. This remarkable linear frontier was built around 142 AD during the reign of the Emperor Antoninus Pius.

The wall itself was not as solidly built as its southern counterpart; it consisted of a turf rampart topped with 19 forts at intervals of about 2 miles (3 km). It was constructed over a stone footing and fronted by a ditch. It became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Frontiers of the Roman Empire’ in 2008.

While most of the wall is now lost, traces can still be seen, including its steep ditches and rounded ramparts. It also marks the route of a Roman road and a series of forts where soldiers lived, some of which have been excavated and are now open to visitors.

At Callendar House Museum in Falkirk, you can see an exhibit on the Wall and discover more about the daily lives of the soldiers stationed there. Nearby Bearsden is the remains of a bathhouse that served the troops, and there are many other places you can visit to learn more about this fascinating frontier.


The Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s most diversified habitats, home to more than 1,500 species of fish and other aquatic animals, and to countless other plants and creatures. It also contains the largest river in the world, the Amazon River, and its tributaries. Its waters are a vital source of fresh water for people and other species; the amount of water that is discharged each day from the Amazon into the Atlantic Ocean is enough to supply New York City with 9 years of water.

Visitors to Amazonia can experience this vast, exotic region of the world, from observing the behaviours of its wildlife in the forest to discovering the many cultural traditions of the region’s indigenous peoples. There’s a mystical quality to witnessing the world’s largest water lily, Victoria Regia, floating on a lake or wandering the streets of a remote Amazon village that has no cars.

The newest Hub in the SERVIR network, Amazonia is a collaborative project led by Bioversity International and CIAT with consortium partners such as Fundacion EcoCiencia in Colombia, Conservacion Amazonica in Peru and Brazil, and the U.S-based Spatial Informatics Group. It is focused on the countries of Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru, but works across the wider Amazon basin. The Hub promotes innovative ways to address the challenges of sustainable development and climate change in the Amazon region, especially by supporting a broader range of financial instruments, leveraging private investment and increasing blended funding for projects.

National Museum of Rural Life

The National Museum of Rural Life is a fascinating attraction that is home to a working farm, a museum exploring the history of Scottish farming and also features a fantastic sculpture trail made from willow. The museum is located on the farm at Wester Kittochside and is operated by National Museums Scotland. The 50,000-square-foot museum includes the Georgian buildings of the farmstead and species-rich fields surrounding it.

Inside the museum, visitors can see how 300 years of Scottish rural and home life has been shaped and altered. They can learn about farming techniques and how they have evolved, and even take tractor rides to visit the actual working farm at the site. There, they can meet the farm animals, including Ayrshire cows, Tamworth pigs, and Blackface sheep.

Guests can also enjoy the exhibitions, which focus on traditional and modern farm skills, the countryside, and topical issues. They can even see how the local area was influenced by the industrial revolution and discover how the changes have impacted on the rural landscape and way of life.

The National Museum of Rural Life is the perfect place to explore Scottish culture and traditions with a family or friends, and is also an excellent choice for children and students learning about rural life in schools. This educational resource has many different activities, from coloring pages to word search puzzles.

Blairhill Gardens

Blairhill Gardens is a beautifully designed development of detached sandstone villas with well-proportioned interiors and private gardens. The landscape plan was conceived by renowned designers Brindley Associates and carefully selected trees have been planted. The gardens are a short walk from Drumpellier Country Park and the town centre of Coatbridge. This is a highly sought-after location within the Blairhill district for those looking for schooling options and public transport connections.

The Blair Hill Inn is the ultimate full-service inn experience, and they go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and pampered. From their spa to the outdoor therapeutic hot tub and traditional sauna, they have everything you need for a relaxing stay. Their staff is also incredible – they always have a friendly smile and are ready to assist you with anything.

The inn is located on a hill overlooking the beautiful Moosehead Lake. Its 79 acres of gardens, old stone walkways, woodlands, and picturesque fields are a feast for the senses. You can stroll through apple orchards, walk past wild berry bushes, or sit in Adirondack chairs and enjoy the star filled sky. The rooms are beautifully decorated with soft color palettes and classic and modern furnishings. They are also very homey and comfortable. The inn is pet friendly and has a recharging station for electric cars.

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