Things to Do in Acocks Green, Birmingham

things to do in Acocks Green

Discover the best things to do in Acocks Green with your family. From Treasure Hunts to memorabilia from your favourite shows, there’s something for everyone.

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1. The Green

At the heart of Acocks Green is The Green. This is where most of the general shops and community services are located, including a library.

Annual events include the Acocks Green Carnival, which traces its roots back to 1973. This is a day of fun with activities for all the family, charity stalls and entertainment.

2. Fox Hollies Forum

The Forum is known today as a Community Centre, but it started life as a Hall for St Mary’s Church. In 1963 the City leased it.

It was used for folk music and other events. In the summer a playscheme was run to visit Twycross Zoo. There were also rock and acoustic concerts. Local people were encouraged to join in. It was run by volunteers.

3. Fox Hollies Park

Fox Hollies Park offers a wide range of activities and events, including the annual Acocks Green Carnival. This event brings together local organisations from the town and is a great opportunity to network with fellow residents.

A number of schools are located in the area, including Ninestiles Academy, Archbishop Ilsley Technology College and City College. In addition to these educational facilities the park also has a leisure centre.

4. The Acocks Green Library

Located on the east side of Birmingham, it offers an array of activities. The community’s major event is the annual Acocks Green Carnival, which was first held in 1973 and lost PS30 on its first attempt.

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5. Acocks Green Community Centre

Acocks Green Community Centre is a meeting point for residents with various activities including regular lunches, community forums and two huge community conventions. The annual Acocks Green Carnival also takes place here.

Acocks Green recreation ground at the junction of Westley Road and Fox Hollies Road is home to charity stalls and an arena event at the carnival. It also has a sports club.

6. Acocks Green Sports Centre

In the centre of the town is The Green, which also incorporates a large island that used to be a tram terminus. A number of buses serve The Green and other routes can be found on Warwick Road.

Acocks Green has a strong community spirit. The annual Carnival was first staged in 1973 and whilst it has reduced in size, it is still held.

7. Acocks Green Swimming Club

S4 Swim School offers a variety of swimming lessons throughout the week at one pool location in Acocks Green. Please note: lessons are subject to availability.

98.8% of households are owner-occupied, well above the Birmingham average. The centre of the community is The Green where you will find charity stalls and events for children and families. Acocks Green Carnival is held here each year.

8. Acocks Green Tennis Club

Find out more about this family-friendly venue at Visit Acocks Green.

Acocks Green is served by several schools including Acocks Green Primary School which is located in buildings dating back to 1909.

The centre of the village, The Green (also referred to as Snobs Green), is a busy shopping area based around a large island incorporating the former tram terminus. The Green is also home to many local clubs and associations.

9. Acocks Green Football Club

The area’s centre is known as ‘The Green’ and many of the local shops are found here. These include grocers, bakers, fishmongers and drapers.

A wide range of clubs and societies flourished during this period, including a bowling club, horticultural society and liberal club. Annual events such as the carnival are held. These are organised by a large number of volunteers from local organisations.

10. Acocks Green Cricket Club

The Green is a central hub for shops, cafes and restaurants. The area is also home to a community centre, a sports club and a library.

The first Acocks Green Carnival took place in 1973 and, despite making a loss, the event continues to run. Activities take place around Fox Hollies Forum on Greenwood Avenue.

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