The Boisset Collection – A Review of a Multi-Level Marketing Wine Company


The Boisset Collection of wines is a multi-level marketing wine company based in France. The company was founded by Jean-Charles Boisset in 1961 and has been operating in the country ever since. The company offers a wide variety of wines that are suitable for any occasion, moment, and mode of consumption.

Boisset Collection is a multi-level marketing wine company

If you’re looking for a multi-level marketing wine company, you might want to check out the Boisset Collection. The company was founded in 1961 and sells a variety of fine wine. You can choose from the wineries that are part of the Boisset Collection, or you can create your own custom order. Boisset Collection also sells wine glasses, books, and accessories.

Jean-Charles Boisset founded the company in 1961

Today, Jean-Charles Boisset is a world-renowned winemaker. His expertise lies in matching the right wine to the right story. As a result, the company’s wine list is well-rounded, with a wine for every occasion.

Company has operated in France since 1961

Jean-Charles Boisset has created two historic wineries in France and California. The company is renowned for its vision for the wine world, a commitment to producing fine wines, and its commitment to sustainable winegrowing. As a result of these qualities, the French-American Foundation has chosen Boisset to receive its French-American Partnership of Excellence Award.

Company has sued over MLM business model

Boisset has been sued over its MLM business model. This business model requires members to pay an initial startup fee and incidental costs before they are able to begin selling. This is a difficult model to sell luxury wine, especially at inflated prices. It also requires people to participate in a monthly consignment program, which makes it difficult to make money.

Company’s California portfolio includes Raymond Vineyard & Cellar

The Boisset family has invested in several California vineyards, including Raymond Vineyard & Cellar and Buick Vineyards. The family also has properties in France, including Bouchard Aine & Fils, Domaine de la Vougeraie, and Jaffelin & Ropiteau. Its portfolio also includes wine brands, including French Rabbit and Raymond Vineyard & Cellar.

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