Saint-Vallier-Sur-Rhone in France

Saint-Vallier-sur-Rohne is located in the Rhone region of France. This commune was under siege between 1919 and 1950. Between them, sixty-six hybrids were produced, including Seyval, Garonnet, and Saint-Vallier. Saint-Vallier-sur-Rhne is also home to La Salle Desire-Valette, built in Art Deco style and decorated with an Eiffel plancher.


Saint-Vallier-sur-Rhone has a population of around 3900 people. There are about 65 foreign national families residing in Saint-Vallier. Most of these families have one child. However, there are a few families with four or more children. A few people also live in La Motte de Galaure.

Saint-Vallier is located in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region. It has a population of about 3992 people, who call themselves Valloiriens. It covers an area of about five square kilometers.


Saint-Vallier-sur-Rhone is located in the department of Drome in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region. Its zip code is 26240. The city is home to 3966 people and has an area of 5.35 square kilometers. As of 2014, there were 52 births in the city. It is located at an altitude of 140 metres.

Saint-Vallier is a town in south-east France. It is 27 km from Valence and 450 km from Paris. It is also situated near 14 other places that you can visit nearby.

Distance from Lyon

If you are planning to drive from Lyon to Saint-Vallier-sur Rhone, you will need to take into account the time and distance involved. This distance will take around seventy-three kilometers. However, there are different ways to travel between the two cities. For instance, you can use the N 7 or the Autoroute du Soleil.

There are 28 train services from Lyon to Saint-Vallier-surRhone every day. The average journey time is 53 minutes, while the quickest trains take only 48 minutes. You can also choose direct services from SNCF, the main train operator in France.

Tram system

If you’re traveling by bus, there are several different bus companies that can take you to Saint-Vallier. Prices vary, but the cheapest bus ride is generally around nine euros. You can also use the TGV Inoui and TER to get to Saint-Vallier-sur-Rhne.


The commune of Saint-Vallier-sur-Rhone is located in the Drome department of southeastern France. It is an industrial, commercial and administrative center located on the banks of the River Rhone. The commune lies 30 kilometers north of Valence. Its southern border is bounded by the river Galaure, which flows into the Rhone. The Rhone forms the western border of the commune. The commune has a total area of 464 hectares and is home to over 4000 people. The ancient town of Ursuli was located at the confluence of the Rhone and the Galaure.

The climate in Saint-Vallier-sur-Rhenne is temperate. Summers are short, and winters are cold. Daytime temperatures range from 33°F to 82°F, and rarely drop below 23°F or exceed 92°F. The most pleasant months to visit Saint-Vallier-sur-Rhone are mid-June through mid-September. During these months, temperatures stay above 74°F and average around 75°F. During the cold season, temperatures are low, and the sky is mostly cloudy.

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