Poligny, France


Poligny is the capital of Comte cheese. The city is also known as the birthplace of Charles Sauria. The city is home to many tourist attractions and is a good place to spend a day. It is also the home to a dairy farm and the famous Charles Sauria’s home.

Poligny is the capital of Comte cheese

Poligny is the capital of Comté cheese, and for good reason. In fact, the town is the prime location for aging most Comte cheeses. It has over 200,000 millstones and is the home of some of the country’s finest cheesemakers. Since 1816, Poligny has been the site of a county festival, sponsored by some of the most prestigious brands in the world.

Comte cheese is produced on a minimum of a hectare of land. It was the first French cheese to receive AOC status and, in 2000, it was granted PDO status by the EU. Visitors can learn more about the production process at the Maison du Comte in Poligny, France. The museum also features a short film narrated by the cheesemaker himself, Monsieur Comte. Moreover, a series of displays show how cheese is made in a typical village fruitiere. Each morning, a fresh batch of milk is turned into a fresh cheese, which is then transferred to a local aging cellar.

It is a dairy farm

Located in the heart of Jura, the Comte region is famous for its cheese production, outdoor activities, cultural heritage, and gastronomic tradition. On May 19th, 2021, Maison du Comte will open its doors to the public. After a year and a half of preparation, the dairy farm is ready to welcome visitors.

It is a birthplace of Charles Sauria

The town of Poligny is the birthplace of Charles Sauria. Born in Poligny, a city in the Jura region, Sauria would go on to become an important figure in the history of the world. A doctor by profession, he spent his life devoted to the welfare of the poor. Apart from his medical work, Sauria was also an agronomist, a poet, and a correspondent. He became a member of several savante societies and was a disciple of Charles Fourier. He tried to put together small autonomous groups to form a social utopia. One of his projects was to establish a phalanstere agricultural commune, which was called a communal commune.

Charles Sauria died in 1895 in Saint-Lothain. His inventions included white phosphorus matches, which could be lit with slight friction. However, these matches were poisonous and were banned by many. It was not until later that the invention of these matches gained widespread popularity.

It is a tourist destination

Located in the Jura mountains, Poligny is a picture-perfect village surrounded by limestone cliffs and vineyards. The village is relatively quiet, with very few tourists. The windiest months are March and January, with average wind speeds of 5.8 knots, which is considered a light breeze. The highest sustained winds, however, are 12.7 knots, which is considered a moderate breeze.

Travelers can easily reach Poligny from neighboring cities by car or train. The town is only 21 km from Lons-le-Saunier and 336 km from Paris. The nearest airport is in Lyon and most visitors drive through the city. The town also offers many places to stop for a snack and a short break from their journey.

It has many hidden gems

Poligny is a great region for cycling and hiking. The region has many hidden gems that you can explore. These include the Dan Cross, the remote Vaux, the Hole of the Moon, the Forest of Vaivres, and the Orain Valley. Take time to visit each of these locations and you will be amazed by the beauty of the area.

Poligny is the Comte cheese capital and has several shops and museums that sell Comte cheese. Poligny also has a beautiful ancient fortified town, which is surrounded by meadows and forests and several hundred hectares of vineyards. While you’re visiting Poligny, make sure to visit some of the local vineyards.

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