Information on Gare De La Ville-Gozet in Copenhagen

La VilleGozet

This article will give you information on Gare de La Ville-Gozet in Copenhagen. We’ll cover its location and accessibility, as well as the distance from Copenhagen. You can also check out the map below for more details. The distance from Copenhagen to this train station is 4.5 km. In addition, there are several bus stops near Gare de la Ville-Gozet.

Gare de la Ville-Gozet

The Gare de la Ville-Gozet is a station located near Montlucon. It has free wi-fi and a lounge, as well as a restaurant serving continental breakfast. It also has free parking and free use of its hammam. Its rooms are equipped with a TV, a minibar, and free toiletries.

The Ligne Chateauroux – La Ville-Gozet is a French railway line. This line connected Tours to Montlucon. In addition to the line, there was a delimited rail line that went through the area.


La Ville-Gozet is located in France. This commune is in the Allier department. It is approximately 10 km away. You can reach La Ville-Gozet by train or bus. Depending on your needs, you can use a high-speed train or a low-speed one. If you need to travel within a region, the TER trains are your best bet. They offer frequent service and are ideal for destinations that aren’t served by high-speed trains. Also, TER trains have a dedicated space for bicycles and pets. TER trains are also cheaper than the high-speed trains, though they don’t always include a First Class carriage. Tickets cost from $1.23 one-way for Standard Class and can be more expensive depending on the route and class.

TER trains stop in La Ville-Gozet. It is located in the department of Allier and the region Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes. The La Ville-Gozet train station is located at 46deg 21’00” north and 2deg 35’30” east. The station is located on a high hill.


The accessibility of La Ville-Gozet is facilitated by public transportation. Intercite trains and Intercité international trains offer services and facilities that help people with disabilities travel safely and easily. These services include wheelchairs and boarding ramps. Also, TER regional trains are accessible for disabled passengers.

Distance from Copenhagen

If you are planning a trip from Copenhagen to La Ville-Gozet, you should know how far it is. If you are taking a train, the distance is 1,060 kilometers, while by car, the distance is 2,268 kilometers. You can also take a bus to get to La Ville-Gozet.

Getting from Copenhagen to La Ville-Gozet is easy, thanks to Copenhagen’s extensive public transportation system. There are many bus lines, metro lines, and an easy-to-navigate train network. You can also take a taxi, though it will be expensive and time-consuming.

Bus stop

If you are looking for a bus stop in La Ville-Gozet, France, you’ve come to the right place. Located near La Ville-Gozet Railway Station, this stop is close to the Chateau des Etourneaux and the Eglise Saint-Paul. The two monuments are 530 metres and 700 metres, respectively, from the bus stop. The commune of Montlucon is located on the Cher River in central France.

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