How to Get to Valega Portugal by Train

How to get to Valega Portugal by train

The Church of Valega (Igreja Matriz de Santa Maria) is often considered to be the Most Beautiful in the Country thanks to its colorful tile covering. Visitors are drawn to the brightly painted scenes of biblical moments that adorn the exterior of the church.

It’s best to visit the chapels around the old part of town one by one, beginning with the Church of Santa Maria and proceeding clockwise to the other five. This is done as a religious pilgrimage on Laetare Sunday, which is a couple of weeks before Easter, and there’s a significance to the order in which you visit them as the number seven symbolises the Seven Last Words of Christ.

From the Furadouro Beach you can walk north to Praia da Maceda, a long stretch of beach where there’s virtually no trace of human civilisation apart from the odd bar and lifeguard station. This wide belt of sand and wall of sandy bluffs topped with high maritime pines is a hit with surfers and a magnet for sunbathers.

The town of Ovar is renowned for its delicious seafood and there are many restaurants to choose from. The Casa da Faia – Restaurante is one of the most popular with a huge range of fresh fish and seafood dishes as well as other traditional Portuguese cuisine. It’s also a good choice for a romantic meal and it has a lovely terrace overlooking the river.

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