How Champagne Is Made


Wine grapes

Champagne is produced using grapes grown in the region. The grapes are harvested in mid-September. During the harvest, the vineyards are filled with grape pickers, each one carefully selecting every individual grape by hand. The vineyards were also hit hard by the cold last year, as temperatures in the vineyards fell below zero in January. That caused the young shoots to die.

Methode Champenoise

Methode Champenoise is a technique used to produce Champagne, and it is one of the most important steps in the winemaking process. The process is a labor-intensive one, and it requires time and care, but it results in a premium-quality wine. The method involves adding a secondary fermentation to still wine, and then aging the bottles for between 18 and 24 months.

Production process

There are several stages in the production of Champagney wine, each with its own special characteristics. The first stage is primary fermentation. This process is carried out in a temperature-controlled environment. After the primary fermentation, a second step called secondary fermentation is used to trap the carbon dioxide within the wine. During this step, the amount of sugar added to the bottle is calculated by determining the pressure the bottle should withstand (up to 6 bars). The next step is liqueur de tirage, a mixture of sugar, yeast, and still Champagne wine.

Ageing process

There are many variables that influence the ageing potential of Champagne. Soil, climate, and variety are just a few. Other factors include elevage and yeast. The latter helps protect the wine from oxidation.

House of Negritude

The House of Negritude in Champagney is a historical place. It was created in 1750 to fight esclavage. The residents condemned the practice in a cahier de doléances.

Vacation rentals in Champagney

You can choose from a number of vacation rentals in Champagney for your stay. For instance, you can rent a gite with a private swimming pool for your vacation. The gite is located about 25 miles from the city center and includes a kitchen and outdoor seating. Another option is a gite with a swimming pool, sauna, and a large terrace. These options can sleep up to 14 people and include all the essentials like towels and sheets.

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