Clamecy, France – A Medieval Town Full of Natural Wonders


In the center of central France lies the village of Clamecy. The town is home to a medieval quarter that boasts a unique architecture. Visitors can also visit the Romain Rolland Museum of Art and History. This town also offers many street markets where you can browse and buy fresh produce. In addition, there are several places to dine and shop.

Visit the medieval quarter

When visiting France, don’t miss a trip to the medieval quarter of Clamecy. The town is nestled in the Morvan National Park and boasts stunning natural wonders. The town is also the starting point of the Camino de Santiago. You can also visit the town’s museum.

Clamecy’s medieval quarter is filled with beautiful old houses and impressive mansions. It has an impressive Gothic cathedral that towers over the town hall and square. While you’re there, take a stroll down the picturesque Monnaie Street to view the town’s timber and stone houses.

Enjoy the unique architecture

Located in the heart of Clamecy, the Maison bourgeois offers guests a central location and access to many local amenities. The one-bedroom apartment includes a queen-sized bed, a private bath and central heating. It also offers WiFi and access to a garden. The town’s many gardens and parks are a great place to relax and chat with locals.

This charming town is also home to a lovely medieval quarter, built in the 13th century. Located on a hill, the medieval quarter is comprised of impressive mansions and half-timbered houses. You’ll also find a pedestrian cobblestone street, Monnaie, which features a beautiful blend of timber and stone.

Visit the Romain Rolland Museum of Art and History

The Romain Rolland Museum of Art and History is located in the old Duc de Bellegarde hotel. The museum houses a rich collection of art and history from the 16th to 21st century. Among its highlights are collections of medieval colombage houses, a collection of rare Charles Loupot posters, a collection of old earthenware, and an evocation of timber floating.

The Romain Rolland Museum of Art and History is located close to the Clamecy CBD. It features an elevator and a multilingual staff. A complimentary newspaper is available in the lobby.

Visit the street markets

Clamecy is considered the capital of the valleys of the Yonne, and is classified as a Station Verte de Vacances and Plus Beau Detour de France. The town has an old quarter and many squares and parks filled with flowers. The city is a good place to meet the locals and enjoy a walk along the river.

Clamecy is located in the Nievre department of France, in the Burgundy region. It is a lovely small town with a population of about 4800 people. It is crossed by the Yonne River and is surrounded by hills and forests. This beautiful town is also home to a rich historical heritage.

Visit the cathedral

Located in the French department of Nievre, Clamecy is a historic town with medieval houses in colombage. The town is also home to the cathedral, which dates back to the thirteenth century. It is classified as a historic monument since 1840. Clamecy is an important centre of wood transportation and boasts a rich history.

Clamecy is also a popular destination for artists. The town’s new gallery space opened in summer 2008, featuring the work of international artists and well-established local artists. Visiting artists include Candl, from the Czech Republic, and Horatio Holzbein and Jane Witheridge (from the UK). Local artists include Remi Cholet, best known for his work at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

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