Chasing Aurora Borealis by Train in Scandinavia

If seeing the Northern Lights dance across the icy sky is on your frosty bucket list, a luxury winter escape in Norway offers a good shot at ticking it off. Nordic Visitor has a deluxe package that includes accommodation, activities and transport.

There’s no dead sure thing when it comes to spotting the lights, but Vacations By Rail’s tour of prime borealis-spotting territory offers a solid chance.

Malangen Resort

About an hour south of the Arctic capital is Malangen Resort, a luxurious wilderness lodge that feels like a bona fide corner of Norwegian Arctic wilderness. The resort is a combination of a cosy main hotel building and beautiful cabins that look out over Balsfjord and snow-capped mountains, and it is well placed to see the Northern Lights. Malangen also offers a range of winter activities, and you can choose to join in husky-pulled sled rides or head out on snowmobiles or cross-country skis.

A wonderful base for an Aurora Borealis expedition, Malangen offers a range of accommodation options including standard rooms with fjord views and self-catering cottages and apartments with kitchen facilities. The deluxe cabins are especially charming, with wooden floors and large windows that provide stunning views over the fjord and surrounding mountains.

The resort also has a sauna and outdoor hot tub, both perfect for relaxing after an evening in search of the Northern Lights. There is also a fjordside restaurant where you can enjoy a meal with fjord and mountain views. Guests can also try out traditional Sami rock carvings or visit Camp Nikka to learn more about the Sami culture.

This all-inclusive break from Vacations by Rail explores both Norway and Sweden’s spectacular Arctic landscapes. By day you’ll investigate the attractions of Oslo, and by night you’ll stare entranced by the magical displays of the Northern Lights. The journey then takes you north by train for a jaw-dropping 452-mile adventure across the Arctic Circle to Trondheim, and onward to the Lofoten Islands and finally to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland.

There’s never a dead cert when it comes to seeing the Northern Lights, but the amount of time you spend in prime borealis-spotting country on this tour gives you an excellent chance of catching a glimpse. The trip is packed full of other highlights, too, from scenic drives around the Loftens to a night at the Ice Hotel in Kiruna. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t want to miss.

Narvik Ski Safari

If you’re an avid northern lights seeker, you may want to consider this incredible winter adventure with Brightline. It includes all rail and coach transfers, intercountry flights, 10 nights of hotel accommodation, tours with knowledgeable guides, and 18 meals (10 breakfasts, one lunch, and seven dinners). The price starts at $3,295 a person, but travelers who put down their trip deposit by Sept. 9, 2022 will save up to $350.

You’ll start in Oslo, a Norwegian capital city with charming narrow streets and the stunning 19th-century Gamle Storting (Great Meeting Hall). Then, you’ll hop on the Nordland Railway—also known as the Polar Express—for a breathtaking 452-mile journey to Bodo. This coastal city is surrounded by mountains jutting out of the sea, making it one of the best places to view the northern lights in Norway.

Once in Narvik, you’ll stay at the new Basecamp Narvik, a modern apartment-style hotel that opens for the season in January of 2024. Its prime location in the heart of the ski resort provides easy access to well-groomed slopes, and its proximity to the Arctic Circle ensures a high chance of viewing the northern lights. Each room features a kitchenette, private bathroom, and free Wi-Fi.

The next day, head out on the snowy slopes and enjoy fresh powder and stunning mountain views from above. Then, you’ll join an evening Aurora Lights tour, where local guides will research weather conditions and Aurora prediction websites in order to find the best spot to search for the northern lights. They’ll also provide you with warm drinks and snacks to keep you fueled as you search for the green lady.

On the train ride from Bodo to Trondheim, you’ll have a great opportunity to watch for the Northern Lights. The train passes through the spectacular World Heritage-listed Aurlandsfjord, and there are plenty of spots along the way to see them, such as a tunnel, waterfall, and lake. There’s also a chance that you might catch a glimpse of the northern lights at the top of the mountain, where you can get a unique view of the landscape.

Lofoten Islands

The jagged islands of Lofoten are a treat to explore all year round, but they’re even more magical in wintertime. It’s when the polar nights are at their darkest, and you can spot the northern lights dancing across the sky and reflecting in the surrounding seas.

The icy archipelago is home to some of the best Northern Lights-seeing spots in Scandinavia, including Abisko National Park. This gorgeous alpine park is set against a stunning backdrop of snow-capped mountains, and the frozen Abiskodalen valley and Tornetrask lake offer incredible views under the night skies. There’s also the Aurora Sky Station, a viewing platform where you can relax and take in the show.

Another great place to see the lights is at the picturesque fishing village of Henningsvaer. The locals here have a fun tradition called “Forjulseventyret,” which takes place in the weeks leading up to Christmas. It involves 22 “rebus” clues spread out around the village, with a prize for every one you find and answer correctly!

This is a fun activity that’s perfect for families. Plus, the Henningsvaer Museum is a great place to learn more about the local culture. The museum has a large collection of art and artifacts, including the oldest cod bones in Norway. You can also enjoy a guided walk through the village and learn more about its history.

While you’re in the area, don’t miss out on a trip to the famous Arctic Circle Train! It’s a chance to travel between two stunning countries and experience some of the most memorable winter activities that Norway has to offer.

This unique train journey takes you through stunning landscapes and offers an unforgettable opportunity to watch the Northern Lights in a region that’s famous for this natural phenomenon. You can also try an array of other winter adventures, from ice-climbing and dog sledding to feeding 300 wild reindeers. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s sure to leave you with lasting memories. So, if you’re ready to discover the magic of the North, book your trip now! This Northern Lights Express package by Vacations By Rail starts at $3,295 per person.


If you’re looking to chase Aurora Borealis in Norway, look no further than the city of Tromso. This northern Norwegian adventure capital is home to a host of fun winter activities, including husky-pulled sled rides and a night at the famous Ice Hotel. But you’ll also want to spend time outdoors, where your chances of catching the northern lights are even better.

The northern lights, or aurora borealis, are a natural light display that occurs when electrical solar wind from the sun hits Earth’s magnetic field. The result is a show of luminous green, pink, and purple light that dances across the sky in a shimmering display. The best places to see the northern lights are located in the Arctic Circle, where it’s dark enough for the light show to be visible. The lights are often seen from northern parts of Scandinavia, but it can be hard to predict where they’ll appear. It’s important to choose a tour that offers a wide range of northern lights-chasing options.

You can experience the northern lights by train in Scandinavia on several routes. One of the most popular is the Ofoten line, which runs from Kiruna to Abisko. The trains run three times a day in both directions during the summer, and two times per day in the winter. The route stops at several scenic locations, such as Bjornfjell, Katterat, Rombakk, and Riksgransen.

Another option is the Arctic Circle train, which runs between Oslo and Bodo. This scenic train route passes through a variety of unique landscapes, including the rugged fjords and glaciers of Norway’s far north. It’s a great way to experience the northern lights and explore Norway’s stunning natural scenery.

There’s never a guarantee that you’ll see the northern lights, as the weather can have a big impact on their appearance. However, with a guided tour that includes plenty of time in prime aurora-spotting territory and an included tour of the Ice Hotel, Vacations by Rail’s Northern Lights Express is a great choice. The trip even features a free new tour if the first night doesn’t produce any northern lights, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch the spectacular show!

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