Augy-Vaux Train Station


Augy-Vaux train station is an essential hub in the French transport network. It is easily accessible by train and provides direct connections to other forms of road transport. Booking a train ticket from Augy-Vaux station is a breeze. Whether you’re taking a leisurely walk or arranging a group trip, you can search by criteria and find your ideal trip in no time.

Gare Augy-Vaux

Gare Augy-Vaux is a railway station in France. It serves the commune of Augy in the Yonne department. It is served by TER trains. The station is also accessible by car. The nearest major city is Paris. It is located 2.9 mi from the station.

If you are planning to travel to Paris, you will need to find the Gare Augy-Vaux train station. You can view the upcoming departures of trains at this Paris station and use the timetable to plan your journey.


Augy-Vaux Swifts are migratory birds that migrate between British Columbia and Mexico. They typically arrive in the last week of April and leave sometime in late August. Their chirping calls can be heard around sunset. These birds often nest in old-growth, coniferous forest. Their diet consists mostly of flying insects.

Nests for Vaux’s Swifts are typically located in old-growth forests with large hollow trees. Nesting trees are important for the species, as the birds use them to roost. These trees are also used by pileated woodpeckers.


If you want to visit Paris from Augy-Vaux, you can get on one of the trains that go to the city. If you are going from this city to the capital, you can use the Eurolines or the Flixbus. The Eurolines stop is located in the Bagnolet, next to the Gallieni metro station. However, you should be aware that the routes for the Isilines bus service in Augy-Vaux may vary depending on the time of the day.

Train station

The train station in Augy-Vaux is a major hub on the French transport system, providing easy connections to the town and other points of interest. If you are planning a trip to Augy, you can easily arrange your journey through online booking and reservation sites. You can search for tickets and choose the best route based on your preferred criteria.

Trains from all over the world stop in Augy-Vaux. The station’s concourse was designed to let natural light shine into the station while incorporating modern industrial technology. It features a steel-and-glass forest of columns and an extensive system of glass vaults. It is also 36 feet below street level, allowing for ample natural lighting.


If you’re looking for a delicious meal in Augy-Vaux, you have come to the right place. This restaurant is located in the Street Art City. You can easily find directions and contact information from this website. You can also make reservations and order food online. This restaurant also provides delivery services.

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