Stonebridge Park Station

Stonebridge Park Station is a Network Rail station in Tokyngton in the London Borough of Brent. It serves London Overground and Bakerloo line trains.

The new estate was designed to attract wealthy City men commuting to London and boasted 60 large villas with views of the Surrey Hills. By 1901, however, the estate had lost its middle-class character.

Station facilities

The station is on an embankment in north-west London and serves a large suburban area. It is served by the Bakerloo line of London Underground. It was opened by the London and North Western Railway as part of its New Line project on 15 June 1912. It became operational for Bakerloo line trains on 16 April 1917. There is a small brick-built building at ground level and modern platform canopies that provide reasonable shelter from the elements (unless the wind is blowing a north-westerly or south-easterly direction).

The station lies between Wembley Central and Harlesden stations in the London Borough of Brent and is on both the London Overground Watford DC line and the London Underground Bakerloo line. The station is located on Argenta Way near to Tokyngton Avenue and it is close to the North Circular Road.

It is the northern terminus of the Bakerloo line and was the northern operational terminus of the London Underground’s Northern Line between 24 September 1982 and 4 June 1984. London Bus routes 112; 440 and school route 611 stop nearby on Harrow Road.

The station is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. It is easily accessible from many parts of the city via public transport and it is located in Zone 3 of the London travel zone map. For those who wish to drive, there are a number of car parks in the area. The JustPark app lets commuters reserve a parking space for the day or for as long as they want, avoiding the stress of finding one on the day and preventing parking fines.

Train arrivals

There are 126 train journeys on a typical weekday between Stonebridge Park and London (All Stations), with 74 of these being direct. The earliest departure is at 20:04 in the evening and the last train is at 23:26, which arrives into Hatch End at 00:04. There are also first class journeys available, which offer more space and complimentary food and drink.

The closest airport to Stonebridge Park Station is Heathrow Airport, which is about a 30-40 minute car ride away. There is also an overground connection to the airport from the station via the Piccadilly line. Alternatively, you can catch the number 9 bus from the station to Heathrow.

The station is located in the London Travel Zone 3. Buses routes 18, 79, 112, 440 and night route N18 serve the station front. There is a London Underground depot north-west of the station, and a LU coach depot at the northern end. In addition to buses and trains, Stonebridge Park is also served by water taxis. A heliport is nearby. Historically, the station was also served by LNWR Bakerloo line services from 1912 until 1917. It was reopened on 27 May 1982 for the London Midland Piccadilly Line, and was closed again in 1984 to allow the southern operational terminus of the Northern line to be relocated.

Train departures

Stonebridge Park Station is an operational terminus of the Bakerloo line of London Underground. It was originally opened by the London and North Western Railway on 15 June 1912. Bus routes 18, 79, 112, and night route N18 serve the station. The station also provides access to London Overground services and West Midlands Trains. Luggage handling is available on some trains for an additional fee.

There are 126 scheduled journeys between Stonebridge Park and London (All Stations) each weekday, with 74 of them being direct trains. The average journey time is 28 minutes. London Overground and West Midlands Trains are the main train operating companies serving this route.

When you board a train, pay attention to the announcements. They will tell you which track the train is leaving from and which direction it’s headed in. You can also check the train track STS signal to see if it’s green. This is a good way to make sure the train is safe to leave the station.

Before a train can depart, it must be checked by the conductor and driver. The departure procedure includes checking the doors closed and the STS signal. The STS signal is activated by an automatic system that is driven in time by the overall train timetable. The conductor checks the STS signal after he closes his doors.

Train connections

Stonebridge Park Station is a London Overground and Bakerloo line station located between Tokyngton and Stonebridge in north west London. The station is served by three London Overground Watford DC lines and four Bakerloo line services, and is in Travel Zone 3. A number of bus routes also serve the area, including school route 611 and night route N18.

The railway station opened in 1912 and was only rebuilt after World War II bombing destroyed most of the original buildings. Currently, it is used by both Overground and Tube trains, with 3 trains per hour serving Wembley Central and Euston via London North Western Railway and 8 trains per hour heading to Harlesden.

A large generating station was built on the site of the current London Underground depot north of the station in 1914 and supplied direct current electricity to the adjacent Euston to Watford electric railway lines until it closed in 1967. The carriage shed, now without direct connection to the DC line, was originally built to house LNWR stock using the DC line.

The closest attraction to the station is the Kew Gardens, a botanical garden that houses the world’s largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections. Founded in 1840, it is one of London’s most popular attractions and is designated as a World Heritage Site.

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