Miribel’s Struggle to Connect to Family


As the story unfolds, we learn about the struggles of Miribel and her family. Among other things, this novel discusses Miribel’s relationship with Dolores and her struggle to make up for not having a gift. Moreover, we see how her vision affected her relationship with her family.

Her relationship with Dolores

Miribel’s relationship with Doloras has long been a controversial subject among fans. The two had fallen in love during their early teens. Her cousin Bruno had given her the gift of hearing and she soon got to know him better. But she never confessed her feelings to him.

It’s clear that Mirabel is not content with their relationship and takes great pleasure in hurting her family, particularly Dolores. She also tries to hurt Pepa and Abuela, which makes her seem very sadistic. However, Dolores is one of the few who displays remorse for Mira’s misdeeds.

Her struggle to make up for not having a gift

The plot of Miribel’s Struggle to Make Up For Not Having a Gift centers on the girl’s early development as a child. Mirabel is the youngest of the Madrigal family and the only one who has never been given a gift. Young children are often on the bottom of the totem pole, as parents devote more time and attention to their older siblings. However, Mirabel manages to change her expectations of herself and others to make up for her lack of a gift.

As a child, Mirabel attempts to receive a magical gift, as the only Muggle in the family. However, her family’s disappointment is evident when she fails to receive a gift. Eventually, she manages to bring the magical casita back to life by placing her hand on the doorknob. Ultimately, her gift might be the ability to keep the Madrigal family together and thrive.

Her struggle to relate to her family

In “Miribel’s Struggle to Connect to Family,” we see the struggle of Mirabel to relate to her family. From a homophobic uncle to a passive-aggressive mother to a problematic father, Mirabel has been faced with many difficult family situations and members. In this essay, we will examine some of the ways in which Mirabel deals with these issues.

Mirabel’s struggle to relate to family is centered on her feeling of inadequacy. She does not have a gift like her sisters and feels like she needs to do something to prove her worth to her family. In addition, her sisters struggle with their own insecurities and unrealistic expectations. Isabella feels left out and isolated, while her sister Luisa struggles with being weak without her strength.

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